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Flights To Miami Recently Searched By Our Customers

  • From To Depart Return Price Airline
    Montreal Oct 24 Oct 25
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Montreal Sep 25 Sep 30
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Toronto Dec 06 Dec 11
    American Airlines airline logo icon
    Calgary Feb 14 Feb 20
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Montreal Feb 01 Feb 08
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Toronto Feb 20 Feb 28
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Ottawa Dec 18 Dec 22
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Toronto Dec 31 Jan 07
    United Airlines airline logo icon
    Toronto Feb 28 Mar 06
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Toronto Feb 08 Feb 13
    Mixed airline logo icon
  • From To Depart Return Price Airline
    Toronto Oct 10 Oct 14
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Montreal Dec 25 Jan 10
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Montreal Oct 23 Oct 23
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Toronto Oct 18 Oct 26
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Quebec City Feb 28 Mar 06
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Montreal Feb 07 Mar 07
    Air Transat airline logo icon
    Ottawa Feb 28 Mar 07
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Toronto Mar 03 Mar 08
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Toronto Nov 08 Nov 08
    Sunwing Airlines airline logo icon
    Toronto Oct 18 Oct 21
    Mixed airline logo icon

Canada to Miami

Miami is a popular destination for both vacations and business. From January through December Air Canada and American Airlines provide daily non-stop, direct or connecting flights to Miami from all over Canada. WestJet also provides daily flights to Miami from all over Canada for most of the year with a couple of weekly flights mixed in. WestJet flights from Toronto, Calgary and Winnipeg to Miami are weekly between May and June and September to December. WestJet flights between January and April from Halifax to Miami are weekly red-eyes. At times you can also find flights to Miami with American Airlines, Continental, Delta, United and USAir.

Finding the Best Airline Tickets:
The flight reservation system on makes it uncomplicated to search through the various connecting flights from Canada to Miami. All possible combinations of flights are presented. At a glance you can see the different departure times and prices. Also you can click on any flight combination and see when and where connections are made. You don’t have to play mix and match or connect the planes. Instead you can choose a flight by departure time, airfare or if it is non-stop, direct or connecting. 

To make things even easier cheap flights are indicated as best price. Best value airfares are also listed. It is good to compare value versus cheap flights. You might start out wanting cheap flights from Canada but find the best value airfares are more suitable, or vice versa. 

When to Book:
If you want discount airfare then you should book about four months beforehand. It is possible to find discount airfare one to three months prior to your trip but you have a better chance finding cheap flights if you book earlier. It simply comes down to the facts that cheap flights book quickly and seat sales don’t happen that often.

Seat Sales:
Waiting on purchasing your tickets close to the departure date just in case there are seat sales is not recommended. If there is going to be seat sales they will be within 30 days of departure. Seat sales are possible but not a certainty. Seat sales are a way for airlines to fill empty seats at the last minute but they don’t happen as frequently as people assume. You take a real gamble waiting for seat sales. There may or may not be one. If you wait there is the possibility that the airfare will increase or there will not be any tickets available. 
Value your Trip: is proud to have travel agents who have been all over the world. There are many travel agents who have been to Miami. They can give you first hand information and advice regarding Miami. When planning a trip it’s a good idea to examine your options with someone who has actually been there. It has been proven time and time again that the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

Also travel agents at are not about showing you only what is popular or cheapest. Instead they are concerned about meeting your travel expectations. They want to find out what you actually want, whether it is discount airfare, specific locations or activities. For example many people incorrectly assume that the cheapest is the best and over look what is the best value for their money. So travel agents will listen to you and find out what your interests, budget and comfort preferences are. Then they will recommend different options that will give you the best value for your money.

Border Cities:
When shopping for tickets you may notice that airlines flying from border cities may have cheap flights.  Always balance the savings from discount airfare or seat sales with any inconvenience or added expenses getting to and from a border city. Savings from cheap flights in a border city may not be real savings once the actual cost of travelling to the different airports is compared. Cheap flights are only valuable when they save you money.

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