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Prices are per person “land only” (excluding air) based on double occupancy.

About Contiki Tours

Part of The Travel Corporation family of brands, Contiki Holidays offers young travellers—ages 18-35—the holiday and experiences of a lifetime. For more than 50 years, Contiki includes tons of extras in its trips from amazing accommodation and authentic food, to spectacular sights and optional activities.

With more than 100 itineraries, there’s something for everyone. Each Contiki tour has been individually created to include a mix of sightseeing, free time, culture, socializing and adventure. 

When you choose to book a Contiki tour, you avoid being hit with unexpected costs, additional taxes and sub-par accommodations. Plus there’s no hassle – Contiki takes care of everything so you can kick back, relax and enjoy your vacation.

Contiki compares a typical day on one of its tours to a similar day you’d book on your own. Choosing a Contiki tour saves you tons of money, and ensures you get the quality of accommodation, food experiences and exclusive inclusions you deserve on your vacation. 

If you’d like to learn more about Contiki tours, call us today and ask to speak with an agent’s who’s toured with Contiki. Call toll free 800-665-4981 or begin by launching the Tour Finder, where you can compare all escorted tours in one easy-to-use environment.

Tours offered by Contiki

'Sweet as' South (End Wellington)(Multi Share,Start Christchurch, End Wellington)$2,132'Sweet as' South (Reverse)(Multi Share,Start Christchurch, End Christchurch)$1,719'Sweet as' South (Start Wellington)(Multi Share,Start Wellington, End Christchurch)$1,947'Sweet as' South(Multi Share,Start Christchurch, End Christchurch)$1,719ANZAC Classic$625ANZAC Odyssey$730Adriatic Spirit$2,004Argentina & Brazil Experience(Twin Room,Start Buenos Aires, End Rio de Janeiro)$1,794Asian Adventure(Twin Room,Start Bangkok, End Siem Reap)$2,540Austria Ski Plus (Coach from London) - 1 week(Twin share room,Start London, End London)$1,118Balkans Discovery$2,430Bangkok to Singapore Adventure(Twin Room,Start Bangkok, End Singapore)$2,861Beaches and Reefs (Start Sydney - From Apr 2019)(Multi Share,Start Sydney, End Cairns)$2,666Bella Bolivia (From Mar 2019)(Twin Room,Start La Paz, End Santiago de Chile)$2,745Berlin for New Year$565Berlin to Budapest$2,188Best of USA (Start Los Angeles)(Twin Room,Start Los Angeles, End New York City)$3,626Bolivian Magic (Until Feb 2019)(Twin Room,Start Cusco, End Salta)$3,197Boot, Scoot N Blues (From May 2019)(Twin Room,Start Dallas, End Orlando)$2,957Boot, Scoot N Blues (Until Apr 2019)(Twin Room,Start Dallas, End Orlando)$2,301California Highlights (Winter)(Twin Room,Start Las Vegas, End San Francisco)$1,243California Highlights(Twin Room,Start Las Vegas, End San Francisco)$1,308Cambodia and Laos Uncovered(Twin Room,Start Luang Prabang, End Siem Reap)$1,380Cambodian Magic(Twin Room,Start Sihanoukville, End Sihanoukville)$1,120Canada & the Rockies plus Calgary Stampede(Twin Room,Start Vancouver, End Vancouver)$3,635Canada & the Rockies(Twin Room,Start Vancouver, End Vancouver)$3,017Canopies & Cabanas(Twin Room,Start Playa Tamarindo, End San Jose)$1,844Cape, Safari & Falls(Twin Room,Start Cape Town, End Victoria Falls)$2,820Caribbean Encounter(Twin Room,Start Cancun, End Antigua)$2,562China Adventure(Twin Room,Start Beijing, End Shanghai)$3,721City to Surf (From Apr 2019)(Multi Share,Start Sydney, End Byron Bay)$1,270City to Surf (Until Mar 2019)(Multi Share,Start Sydney, End Surfers Paradise)$1,883Croatia Island Escape(Below deck cabin,Start Split, End Split)$1,454Croatian Island Hopper North (Start Dubrovnik)(Below deck cabin,Start Dubrovnik, End Split)$2,021Eastern Discovery (Start New Orleans)(Twin Room,Start New Orleans, End New York City)$3,235Eastern Discovery (Start New York City)(Twin Room,Start New York City, End New Orleans)$3,190Eastern Road$2,096Egypt & The Nile(Twin Room,Start Cairo, End Cairo)$1,574England & Scotland$1,652Eternal India(Twin Room,Start Delhi, End Goa)$2,451European Encounter (Until Mar 2019)$2,716European Explorer plus Mykonos Island$8,258European Impressions$4,582European Inspiration$3,175European Magic$1,738European Panorama$6,429European Vista (Winter)$2,751European Vistas$4,011Fiestas & Siestas (Until Mar 2019)$1,539Fire & Ice$2,475Galapagos Island Hopper(Twin Room,Start Guayaquil, End Guayaquil)$3,085Greek Island Hopping$2,803Greek Sailing$1,755Hawaii Unplugged (Previously called The Big Kahuna)(Twin Room,Start Honolulu, End Kihei)$2,629Iceland$1,255Ireland$1,428Island Cruising & Santorini$2,803Island and Rainforest (Start Whitsundays)(Multi Share,Start Whitsundays, End Cairns)$1,814Israel and Jordan Uncovered(Twin Room,Start Jerusalem, End Tel Aviv)$2,962Italian Espresso$1,462Jaffas 'n' Jandals(Multi Share,Start Auckland, End Auckland)$505Japan Unrivalled(Twin Room,Start Tokyo, End Osaka)$5,510Japan Winter Wonder PLUS 4 Day Ski(Twin Room,Start Osaka, End Tokyo)$4,185Japan Winter Wonder PLUS 6 Day Ski(Twin Room,Start Osaka, End Tokyo)$4,540Japan Winter Wonder(Twin Room,Start Osaka, End Tokyo)$3,493Kenyan Highlights(Twin Room,Start Nairobi, End Nairobi)$2,116LA Explorer (2 nights)(Single Room,Start Los Angeles, End Los Angeles)$465Las Vegas New Year(Twin Room,Start Las Vegas, End Las Vegas)$1,165Learn to Dive(Multi Share,Start Cairns, End Cairns)$1,075London Explorer (2 nights)(Royal National Hotel,Start London, End London)$359London to Berlin$2,082Marangu Kili Climb(Twin Room,Start Kilimanjaro Int'l Airport, End Kilimanjaro Int'l Airport)$2,274Mediterranean Escape$2,298Mediterranean Highlights (Start Rome)$2,584Mexican Fiesta(Twin Room,Start Puerto Vallarta, End Mexico City)$1,707Mini Balkan$1,059Morocco(Twin Room,Start Fez, End Marrakech)$849Munch Asia(Twin Room,Start Bangkok, End Singapore)$2,907New York Uncovered(Twin Room,Start New York City, End New York City)$965North by North East(Twin Room,Start New York City, End Chicago)$2,811Northern Adventure(Twin Room,Start Chicago, End Los Angeles)$2,944Northern Choice (Christchurch to Auckland Summer)(Multi Share,Start Christchurch, End Auckland)$1,823Northern Choice (Wellington to Auckland Summer)(Multi Share,Start Wellington, End Auckland)$1,715Northern Choice (Wellington to Auckland Winter)(Multi Share,Start Wellington, End Auckland)$1,891Oktoberfest - 4 Days Camping (Start/End Munich)$390Oktoberfest - 6 Days Camping (Start/End Munich)$545Orlando Explorer (2 Nights)(Twin Room,Start Orlando, End Orlando)$645Orlando Explorer (4 Nights)(Twin Room,Start Orlando, End Orlando)$955Outback Adventure (Start Darwin - From Apr 2019)(Multi Share,Start Darwin, End Uluru)$1,969Outback Adventure (Start Darwin - Until Mar 2019)(Multi Share,Start Darwin, End Alice Springs)$2,182Paris For Christmas$609Peru Uncovered(Without Inca Trail Trek,Start Lima, End Lima)$2,938Peruvian Highlights(Without Inca Trail Trek,Start Lima, End Cusco)$2,137Pura Vida(Twin Room,Start San Jose, End Playa Tamarindo)$2,051Pure Sri Lanka(Twin Room,Start Negombo, End Colombo)$1,910Road to Paris$1,867Rock and Red(Morning departure,Start Alice Springs, End Alice Springs)$1,580Scotland$1,109Simply Italy$1,944Snorkel to Adventure(Twin Room,Start Cairns, End Cairns)$834Southern Adventure (Start Los Angeles)(Twin Room,Start Los Angeles, End New Orleans)$2,957Southern Adventure (Start New Orleans)(Twin Room,Start New Orleans, End Los Angeles)$2,600Southern Spice(Twin Room,Start Chennai, End Cochin)$2,716Spain, Morocco & Portugal$2,128Spanish Spree$2,076Spanish Spree (Winter)$1,987Spotlight on Greece$1,030Spotlight on Greece plus 3 day Greek Island Cruise(Standard inside cabin without porthole,Start Athens, End Athens)$2,416St Patrick's Day (Hotel - Dublin to Dublin)$1,189Sun & Steam(Multi Share,Start Auckland, End Auckland)$1,380Sziget Festival (Hotel)$2,260Taste of Tanzania(Twin Room,Start Arusha, End Arusha)$2,816Thai Island Hopper East(Twin Room,Start Koh Samui, End Koh Samui)$1,144Thai Island Hopper West(Twin Room,Start Phuket, End Phuket)$1,127Thai Island Hopper West(Twin Room,Start Phuket, End Phuket)$1,081Thai Tripper (North)(Twin Room,Start Bangkok, End Chiang Mai)$1,452Thai Tripper (South)(Twin Room,Start Bangkok, End Phuket)$1,761The Lava Line(Twin Room,Start Quito, End Guayaquil)$1,144The Powder Rush(Twin Room,Start Vancouver, End Calgary)$2,193The Sun Seeker (Start Cairns)(Multi Share,Start Cairns, End Surfers Paradise)$2,493Tropical Wonder with Sailing(Multi Share,Start Cairns, End Whitsundays)$1,540Tropical Wonder(Multi Share,Start Cairns, End Whitsundays)$1,240Turkish Delight$1,230Turkish Sailing$774Ultimate NZ Ski(Multi Share,Start Queenstown, End Queenstown)$1,731Uluru Explorer(Multi Share,Start Uluru, End Uluru)$1,030Vietnam Experience(Twin Room,Start Ho Chi Minh City, End Hanoi)$1,955Vietnam Highlights(Twin Room,Start Ho Chi Minh City, End Hanoi)$1,827Waikiki Explorer (2 nights)(Twin Room,Start Honolulu, End Honolulu)$355Western Highlights(Twin Room,Start Los Angeles, End Las Vegas)$1,824Wild Western(Twin Room,Start Los Angeles, End San Francisco)$2,844Winter Wanderer$4,018Yucatan Highlights(Twin Room,Start Mexico City, End Cancun)$1,489Zanzibar Beach Escape(Twin Room,Start Abeid Amani Karume Int'l Airport, End Abeid Amani Karume Int'l Airport)$480Zanzibar Resort Escape(Twin Room,Start Abeid Amani Karume Int'l Airport, End Abeid Amani Karume Int'l Airport)$530