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About Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises

Crystal is a luxury cruise line, beyond the quality of even the five star mass-market cruise lines. In fact, they are now called six-star ships, with the overuse of the five-star ranking in the mass market. This line is designed for the world class traveller reminiscent of the classic cruising style and quality mixed with modern cruise ships and amenities. The best way to describe Crystal to a five star mass market line, is to compare a name brand modern deluxe hotel like the Sheraton or Marriott, to a world class hotel such as The Peninsula in Hong Kong, Raffles in Singapore, or the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Further, compare Monte Carlo to Las Vegas, and the point is clearer. Crystal has far less guests for the size of the ships giving more privacy, space, and never a line up for anything. Guests are never rushed. The lower crew to passenger ratio means more private and personal service. On board, you'll find the best in food quality, wines, and premium brand drinks. Guests on board Crystal tend to be sophisticated and well travelled, and entertainment matches this clientele. Wine tastings, art auctions, and lectures by various scholars, statesmen, and celebrities are more the order on board. Music will skew towards jazz and classical, and generally the average age on board is more mature than other lines. Certainly there are few travellers below the age of forty. The two ships in the crystal fleet engage in a world cruise, allowing guests to buy an entire world cruise, or segments of various lengths.