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Travel Agent Assistant Role

You have been a travel agent in the past, supplier call centre agent, or you’ve previously graduated from a travel and tourism program.  You may have written a required provincial exam if your home Province has one.

If you are not qualified as above, you would be willing to complete the ACTA “Travel Agent Essentials” program prior to starting with us. There is a cost to complete this program, with potential, reimbursement commensurate with a minimum period of employment with us.

Travel agent assistants work from home and perform various clerical tasks while sitting on hold with suppliers on two telephone lines.  Upon successful connection with a supplier, the assistant can begin to perform enquiries and tasks associated with a booking, while simultaneously getting hold of the original booking agent for possible transfer or questions answered.  Successful assistants could, given clear instructions, book, modify, or cancel a booking correctly.  Many different files may need action with a supplier once successfully getting through.

Defined tasks will be assigned to assistants using a support ticket system, requiring attention to detail and good communication.  Completion of these tasks may include actions in reservation systems, telephone, or supplier websites.

This role will be most valuable between October and March or April.  Successful assistants will be considered for full time travel agent positions focusing on Customer Support or Sales.  Learning all aspects of the Travel Agent role are crucial and highly beneficial when moving into other roles. 

Experienced former travel agents and call centre agents could perform this on a part time basis, although a minimum of 24 hours a week would be required to be efficient and justify the training. You are willing to work some evenings and weekends on a rotational basis

Travel agent assistants do not speak to customers.  They only support customer facing agents and agent support agents when volumes require it.

Contact our Recruitment Manager, Kevin Quin: 905-515-0113 |