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Travel Agent Support Role - Accounting

You have experience as a travel agent, but you did not enjoy selling.  Your files were always well documented, invoiced in a timely manner, including changes and refunds.  Your accounting on these files was accurate.


You worked in a travel agency or tour operator accounting department on out of balance reservations, having to investigate discrepancies to find out why a file was out of balance.  You were skilled in being able to find out that a customer payment was not made on the file, or a change was handled incorrectly by the reservation agent who made a mess of the pricing and accounting detail.

The role involves investigating discrepancies between expected accounting and actual file balances by looking up detail in such systems as TRAMS, PC Voyages, GBO, TravelWorx, etc, as well as reservation systems including SABRE Vacations, SIREV, Cruise and Tour supplier websites.  Ideally you can read GDS PNR and accounting line data to understand what a travel agent might have done incorrectly.

Upon identification of a problem, the supplier may need to be contacted to fix the file, or certain actions taken in the accounting system to clear the balance.  You may be familiar with receiving a supplier’s payment remittance and applying the payment to individual files in the accounting system.  Occasionally it will require calls to suppliers for collection of nagging balances.

Good excel skills are a strong asset, or a willingness to learn new ways of being efficient.  Experience in a customer support ticket system is an asset but not required. 

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