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Travel Agent Support Role - Administrative

As an experienced former “selling agent”, you would prefer to be 100% out of sales, specializing in tasks that support selling agents.  These tasks may include quality checking documents, BSP ticketing, BSP exchanges including additional collections and refunds, debit memo researchfraud checking, invoicing, working with suppliers to resolve customer service issues, actioning schedule changes, and more.

Most of this work must be performed when agents are working during business hours, however, much of this work could be done outside business hours.  There may be a need to be on rotating “on call” or timed check-ins on nights and weekends. 

Our marketing department curates supplier content for product descriptions and promotions displayed on our website.  This involves carefully reading descriptions, policies, and promotional offers, and translating these into rules and simpler text for our customers and agents to understand.  Often this supplier content is heavily abbreviated, coded, and full of industry or supplier jargon.  Data entry and update is needed after careful research, and good excel skills and experience with various systems and databases is an asset.

Management may require real time reporting on systems and processes.  A successful candidate is not afraid to learn new things, while being careful and detail oriented in these roles.

Contact our Recruitment Manager, Kevin Quin: 905-515-0113 |