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Travel Agent – Customer Support Role

Work from home.  Full Time.  Seasonal and Part Time will be considered commensurate with sales track record and experience.

Achieving high sales is not a strong motivator for you.  You have no intrinsic desire to be a top sales performer, but you love the travel business and gain job satisfaction from seeing customers satisfied.  Even though sales is not your main focus, you enjoy booking travel for people who know what they want.  If they know what they want, you can do it, and will make sure it is done well. 

Customers have questions about their booking, and you would be fine answering these both on the phone or through email.  If customers need to be contacted for final payments, payments’ applied, documents had to be resent, changes needed being made to a booking, or processing cancellations, refunds, and insurance claims – you’d be happy doing this as well as booking some new and existing customers

You would be comfortable doing work on another agent’s file if it were clear:  Ballpark the cost of changing the booking based on supplier terms and conditions, new pricing, and estimated change fees.  Making name corrections.  Cancelling including using supplier waivers or insurance claims.

You would be contacting customers to notify them of supplier schedule changes and finding alternatives if those changes were not suitable.

You have good GDS skills.  We use SABRE. Preference is given to SABRE experience but not required.  More importantly, you are open to re-learning GDS formats and using tools that make GDS entries.

Contact our Recruitment Manager, Kevin Quin: 905-515-0113 |