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Travel Agents – Sales Focused

Work from home.  Full Time.  Seasonal and Part Time will be considered commensurate with sales track record and experience.  Base salary plus incentives based on departed revenue.

You love the feeling of making bookings – especially that rush you feel when it’s a big or interesting one.  You are a good listenerasking the right balance of questions to understand your customer’s expressed and unsaid needs.  You put yourself in the shoes of your customer – not your own preferences or those of other customers.  It seems you have an innate curiosity to find the best for your clients and new prospects. 

  • You value your time, realizing that efficiency comes about from asking the right questions to avoid wasted time, ballparking unknown price ranges based on solid experience before waiting on hold for hours with suppliers.  
  • You use automation wherever you can, and you believe in the principle that taking the appropriate time to get it done right and without procrastination saves more time in the long run.  
  • You appreciate the regulatory requirements of selling travel and the serious obligation you have to ensure your customer is properly informed, documented and insured.
  • You are well travelled, and still want more, or you feel that you haven’t been given enough FAM opportunities.   
  • You understand that the more you experience popular places that customers want to know about, the better it is for your customers, and ultimately, for you.
  • You’re willing to adapt to new systems and methods that are proven better, even if it takes time to fully feel comfortable. Computers and web applications do not scare you.  You have sold travel before, either as a travel agent or a call centre agent dealing directly with customers or agents.  The more experience and proven track record of sales performance impacts the starting salary and ultimately the potential to earn incentives.
  • You are intrigued by the idea of spending more of your day interacting with customers in a sales context and allowing other specialized support staff deal with the more specialized clerical and administrative tasks.  
  • You’re more a “people person” than a “task or process person”.

Finally, you recognize that customers have the need to enquire and book on their timetable, and this is not always during business hours.  You recognize the sales opportunity that exists weeknights and weekends when traditional travel agencies are closed.  That said, your ability or desire to some work nights and weekends, or even split shifts during the day is a discussion point based on experience and track record.

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