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Holland America Cruises

Holland America brings the most history and tradition to mass-market cruising. Originally a trans-oceanic passenger service between Holland and the rest of the world, today's Holland America retains a touch of Dutch culture, as its officers are mostly Dutch, and crew mostly Indonesian. For the rest, it is characteristically American. The cruise experience is much more traditional than on the other mass market cruise lines. Service is gracious and subdued, almost directly as a result of the cultural manners of the mostly Indonesian crew. Ship interiors have been decorated specifically to give passengers the more traditional experience. Deep rich woods, darker colours, an extensive art collection, and fresh flowers everywhere, all give Holland America a special touch that distinguishes them from lines of comparable quality. The ships of Holland America are considered 5 star, but remain in the mass-market classification. This means, you will find little difference in price between Holland America, Princess, and Celebrity. The decision to choose a Holland America Cruise over another line is mostly defined by the atmosphere. It is a little more formal, traditional, and elegant than most. While cruising has become much more casual in general, you will find more tuxedos and suits on the formal nights on Holland America, and perhaps a slightly older average guest age. Previously known as having a distinct older clientele, Holland America has been working to dispel the image of being mostly walkers and wheelchairs, by beefing up their kids programs, livening up the entertainment, and boasting the more middle-aged average. There is no doubt that you will see far less of the blue rinse set these days, especially on seven night Caribbean Cruises, but as with most cruise lines, the longer cruises, and more exotic cruises definitely have an older skew. The dining experience aboard is excellent, with world-renowned master chef Reiner Greubel in charge. Fine dining on silver and china in the luxurious dining rooms is one of the highlights of a Holland America Cruise. Ships vary greatly. The older Noordam is the oldest in the fleet, and you will find exceptional deals on these itineraries. We suggest an upgraded cabin on this older vessel. The Westerdam is the second oldest ship, giving a smaller and more intimate feel as compared to the megaliners of today. The ships in the medium size range (such as Maasdam, Ryndam, Statendam) all were purposely built smaller than the mega trend at the time. These ships provide a more intimate experience without sacrificing on modern technology, amenities, and cabin size. The newest edition, the Prinsendam, is an even smaller ship designed specifically to explore the more up-market itineraries