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Finding Hotels in Negril

It may be simple to find an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, but we know that isn’t always what you need. Sometimes you need to spend just a few nights at a standard Negril hotel, rather than an all-inclusive resort.

Start your search for hotels in Negril by launching our Hotel Finder. Here you can quickly and easily compare all Negril hotels on one screen. Deepen your search by looking for hotels near points of interest, by star rating or sort by price. No matter how you sort, you’re sure to find lots of Jamaica hotels from which to choose.

To help you even further, we’ve included a map view, which lets you to locate specific city areas you may prefer. Viewing the map will help you decide precisely where you want to stay, and it will show you a list of various hotels in Negril regions.

If you’ve never been to Jamaica, it can be tough to know where to stay. We recommend calling us toll free at 800-665-4981 – ask to speak with a travel agent who’s been there. Our friendly, knowledgeable agents will help you narrow down the results to find the perfect Negril hotel. Ask how we can also help you book car rentals and day trips!

Whether you want an ocean-front room or a hotel downtown, there are plenty of Negril hotels to suit everyone’s needs. Call us now!

Rating Avg / Night Hotel Check In / Duration

$55.52 (tx incl.) Villa La Cage Fri Oct 11, 5 Nights

$61.44 (tx incl.) Sunset Heal Jamaica Thu Sep 26, 9 Nights

$104.90 (tx incl.) Travellers Beach Resort Fri Oct 11, 5 Nights

$77.49 (tx incl.) The Westender Inn Tue Oct 15, 7 Nights

$208.70 (tx incl.) Luna Sea Inn Thu Sep 26, 9 Nights

$103.89 (tx incl.) Catcha Falling Star Fri Sep 27, 3 Nights

$97.58 (tx incl.) Seastar Inn Fri Sep 27, 3 Nights

$219.88 (tx incl.) Villas Sur Mer Fri Oct 11, 5 Nights

$539.12 (tx incl.) The Cliff Hotel Fri Oct 11, 5 Nights

$498.77 (tx incl.) Couples Swept Away Sat Sep 21, 13 Nights

$310.00 (tx incl.) Riu Negril Fri Oct 11, 5 Nights

$357.33 (tx incl.) Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort Spa All Inclus Tue Sep 17, 3 Nights

$185.66 (tx incl.) Somewhere West Tue Oct 15, 7 Nights

$687.11 (tx incl.) Sandals South Coast Thu Sep 26, 9 Nights