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Prices are per person “land only” (excluding air) based on double occupancy.

About Insight Tours

Each of Insight Vacations’ itineraries will take you to places you’ve only dreamt about, offering an experience of a lifetime. Insight tours are unique—they are the only tour operator to give you more legroom on every tour at no extra cost. You'll stay in deluxe hotels in coveted locations, you'll enjoy more sightseeing, and, because you'll travel in smaller groups, you'll receive more personalized service from your tour director and driver.

Insight Vacations offers a vast range of itineraries throughout:

Insight tours not only include the 'must see' sights, but they offer carefully balanced itineraries to give you lots of free time to relax and immerse yourself in the local culture. Plus with only 40 guests on each premium tour (as opposed to the standard 53), Insight tour customers enjoy a more personalized vacation experience. By travelling with a smaller group you'll spend less time waiting in line to see popular sites, and you’ll check in to your hotel faster, leaving you more time to do the things you love!

Insight tours also cater to solo travellers. Tell us about your situation at the time of booking and Insight will try to match you with someone of the same sex in order to avoid paying a single supplement. The best part is that if a suitable roommate is not available, Insight Vacations will provide you with a single room at no extra cost.

If you have any question about Insight Vacations, or if you’re ready to book your escorted coach tour, give us a call toll free at 800-665-4981. A friendly, knowledgeable travel agent is happy to help. 

Tours offered by Insight

Alpine Christmas Markets (Winter 2020 2021)$2,076Amazing Spain & Portugal (Winter 2019 2020)$1,940America the Beautiful (Summer 2020)$8,181America the Beautiful Reverse (Summer 2020)$8,222American Parks Trail end Denver (Summer 2020)$3,945American Parks Trail end Rapid City (Summer 2020)$3,945An Art Lover’s Taste of Europe (Summer 2020)$5,792Art Culture & Cuisine of Colombia - Summer 2020$6,449Athens and Three Continents Cruise Standard (Winter 2019 2020)$3,668Best of Britain (Winter 2020 2021)$2,734Best of Britain - Summer 2020$3,260Best of California (Summer 2020)$3,827Best of Eastern Canada & USA (Summer 2020)$6,298Best of Ireland & Scotland (Summer 2020)$4,172Best of Italy (Winter 2020 2021)$3,098Best of Italy end Naples (Winter 2019 2020)$2,849Best of Italy end Rome (Winter 2019 2020)$2,969Best of Morocco (Winter 2020 2021)$2,588Best of Spain & Portugal end Barcelona (Winter 2020 2021)$3,503Boston, Cape Cod & The Islands (Summer 2020)$3,605Boston, Cape Cod & The Islands with Canada & New England Cruise Ocean View Cabin (Summer 2020)$6,714Britain & Ireland Discovery - Summer 2020$6,298Britain & Ireland Explorer (Summer 2020)$4,289Cambodia & Vietnam in Style (Summer 2019)$6,593Canadian Rockies & Pacific Coast end Seattle (Summer 2020)$6,703Canadian Rockies and Pacific Coast with Alaska Cruise Inside Cabin (Summer 2020)$8,676Captivating Croatia and Montenegro - Summer 2020$5,342Captivating Pacific Northwest - Summer 2020$5,180Chelsea Flower Show & Springtime Alps (Summer 2020)$7,154Chile & Argentina Wine Experience (2020)$7,106Christmas Markets of Austria & Bavaria (Winter 2020 2021)$2,076Christmas Markets of Germany (Winter 2020 2021)$2,110Christmas Markets of Poland, Prague & Germany (Winter 2020 2021)$1,827Classic Mid Atlantic (Summer 2020)$3,884Classic South America - Summer 2020$7,878Classical India with Nepal (Summer 2020)$5,192Classical India with Nepal end Delhi (Summer 2019)$6,908Classical Sri Lanka (Summer 2019)$4,163Classical Sri Lanka (Summer 2020)$4,275Country Roads of Bavaria, Switzerland & Austria (Summer 2020)$3,787Country Roads of Belgium, Luxembourg & the Netherlands - Summer 2020$3,398Country Roads of Croatia - Summer 2020$3,686Country Roads of France (Summer 2020)$5,123Country Roads of Ireland end Belfast (Winter 2020 2021)$3,017Country Roads of Italy (Summer 2020)$5,063Country Roads of Northern Italy (Summer 2020)$3,074Country Roads of Portugal - End Lisbon, Summer 2020$3,058Country Roads of Portugal - End Porto, Summer 2020$2,922Country Roads of Puglia & the Neapolitan Riviera (Summer 2020)$2,815Country Roads of Scandinavia - Summer 2020$4,151Country Roads of Scotland - Summer 2020$2,795Country Roads of Southern Italy & Sicily (Summer 2020)$4,070Country Roads of Switzerland - Summer 2020$5,123Country Roads of Umbria & Tuscany - Summer 2020$2,714Country Roads of Wales, Devon & Cornwall - Summer 2020$4,046Culinary and Cultural Greece - Summer 2020$5,216Dalmatian Elegance Lower Deck Deluxe Cabin (Summer 2020)$2,592Desert Escapes of California & Arizona - end Phoenix, Summer 2020$3,096Desert Escapes of California & Arizona - end Tuscon, Summer 2020$3,096Eastern Capitals & the Dalmatian Riviera (Summer 2020)$3,949Easy Pace Budapest, Vienna & Prague (Summer 2020)$2,774Easy Pace Budapest, Vienna & Prague (Winter 2020 2021)$2,229Easy Pace Italy (Winter 2020 2021)$2,774Easy Pace Malta 6 days (Summer 2020)$1,859Easy Pace Russia (Summer 2020)$2,588Easy Pace Russia with Christmas Markets (Winter 2020 2021)$2,309Easy Pace Spain - Summer 2020$2,957Elegance of Egypt - Cairo Deck, Jan to Mar 2020$3,555Elegance of Great Britain - Summer 2020$3,524Enchanting Canyonlands (Summer 2020)$2,709Essence of India with Ranthambore end Delhi (Summer 2019)$3,443Essence of India with Ranthambore end Jaipur (Summer 2019)$3,443European Affair with Chelsea Flower Show (Summer 2020)$3,933European Flair - Start Amsterdam, Summer 2020$2,912European Rhapsody start Amsterdam (Summer 2020)$2,981Focus on Ireland - Summer 2020$2,021French Vogue - Summer 2020$5,488Gardens of England & Wales with Chelsea Flower Show (Summer 2020)$6,695Gems of Britain - Summer 2020$1,384Glories of Greece (Winter 2019 2020)$2,273Glories of Greece (Winter 2020 2021)$2,208Glories of Greece Reverse (Summer 2020)$2,516Glorious Switzerland (Summer 2020)$3,119Grand Scandinavia (Summer 2020)$6,278Grand Spain & Portugal - End Barcelona, Summer 2020$5,083Great Western American Adventure (Summer 2020)$6,093Greek Island Hopper (Summer 2020)$4,568Harmony of Central Europe - Summer 2020$5,306Highlights of Eastern Europe end Budapest (Summer 2020)$3,686Highlights of Poland - Summer 2020$2,410Highlights of Spain (Winter 2019 2020)$2,182Highlights of Spain (Winter 2020 2021)$2,248Imperial Rajasthan end Mumbai (Summer 2019)$6,615Imperial Rajasthan end Udaipur (Summer 2019)$6,346Imperial Rajasthan with ME to WE end Delhi (Summer 2019)$8,325Indulgence in Eastern Canada - Summer 2020$3,665Inspiring Australia (Summer 2019)$8,753Inspiring New Zealand (Summer 2019)$6,863Irish Elegance - Summer 2020$2,815Israel Discovery (Winter 2019 2020)$3,915Italian Elegance (Summer 2020)$4,253Italian Intermezzo (Summer 2020)$2,774Italian Intermezzo (Winter 2019 2020)$2,385Italian Intermezzo (Winter 2020 2021)$2,248Jewels of Alaska (Summer 2020)$3,422Jewels of Alaska with Glacier Discovery Cruise Inside Cabin (Summer 2020)$5,330Jordan Experience (Winter 2019 2020)$2,363Jordan Experience with Dead Sea (Winter 2019 2020)$3,078Landscapes of the Canadian Maritimes (Summer 2020)$4,496Luxurious Hawaiian Escape - Summer 2020$8,733Magical Switzerland (Winter 2019 2020)$2,475Magical Switzerland (Winter 2020 2021)$2,531Magnificent Nepal and Bhutan - Summer 2020$7,318Majestic Japan - Summer 2020$9,599Majestic Switzerland - Summer 2020$5,974Majesty of the Rockies - Summer 2020$6,926Majesty of the Rockies - With Calgary Stampede, Summer 2020$9,230Mediterranean Dreams Standard (Summer 2020)$2,966Mediterranean Fables - Eclectic Standard, Summer 2020$4,028Mediterranean Fables - Idyllic Standard, Summer 2020$4,028Mediterranean Journey start Paris (Summer 2020)$4,532Natural Wonders of Iceland (Summer 2020)$4,637New England's Fall Foliage (Summer 2020)$3,236Normandy, Brittany & the Loire Valley (Summer 2020)$2,815Northern Capitals & Russia (Summer 2020)$5,549Northern Lights of Scandinavia (Winter 2019 2020)$4,676Northern Lights of Scandinavia (Winter 2020 2021)$4,258Northern Spain - End Madrid, Summer 2020$3,017Oktoberfest (Summer 2020)$4,679Peru Culinary Experience (Summer 2020)$5,387Picture Perfect Italy (Summer 2020)$7,100Remarkable Russia - with Trans Siberian, Summer 2020$25,799Romantic Britain & Ireland (Summer 2020)$5,585Romantic European - End Paris, Summer 2020$5,893Scenic Iceland & the Northern Lights (Winter 2020 2021)$3,746Sensational Vietnam & Laos (Summer 2019)$7,016Sensational Vietnam & Laos - Summer 2020$6,993Sicily in Depth (Summer 2020)$2,369Southern Grace - Summer 2020$4,694Spain & Portugal in Style - Summer 2020$5,812Spectacular Scandinavia & its Fjords - Summer 2020$5,144Spectacular South Africa - Summer 2020$8,727Spectacular South Africa - with Victoria Falls, Summer 2020$11,480Spirit of North & South India - Summer 2020$8,941Spirit of Vietnam (Summer 2019)$5,108Spirit of Vietnam - Summer 2020$5,024Splendours of Egypt (Winter 2019 2020)$4,118The Eastern Discovery (Summer 2020)$4,289The Endless Shores (Summer 2019)$5,666The Endless Shores - Summer 2020$3,827The Golden Ring - Summer 2020$2,045The Southern Drift - Summer 2020$7,007The Sumptuous Soul of America - Summer 2020$7,472Timeless Scandinavia - Summer 2020$6,610Treasures of Italy (Summer 2020)$4,208Treasures of Spain, Portugal & Morocco (Winter 2019 2020)$3,509Treasures of Turkey - Winter 2020 2021$2,835Treasures of Turkey - with Anzac day, Summer 2020$3,195Treasures of the Balkans (Summer 2020)$4,880Treasures of the Incas - Summer 2020$6,135Treasures of the Incas - with ME to WE Amazon Extension to Ecuador, Summer 2020$10,703Ultimate Ireland - Summer 2020$6,743Vibrant Eastern Canada & the USA - Summer 2020$6,395Warsaw & the Baltic States - Summer 2020$2,147Winter Wonderland (Winter 2020 2021)$2,288Wonders of Egypt (Summer 2020)$3,506Wonders of Egypt (Winter 2019 2020)$3,375Wonders of Turkey (Winter 2019 2020)$2,161Wonders of Turkey with Anzac day (Summer 2020)$2,565Wonders of the American West (Summer 2020)$4,010World War I Battlefields (Summer 2020)$1,458
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