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About Argentina Tours

Based on land mass Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world. 

In Latin, Argentina means “silver” because it was believed to hold silver by the early settlers. 

Argentina draws worldwide attraction for its “wine tourism.”

Argentina was the first country to adopt fingerprinting as a method of identification. 

Cuban revolutionist, Che Guevara is not actually of Cuban descent. In fact, he was born in Argentina’s third largest city, Rosario. 

The oldest known dinosaur species have been traced back to Argentina and Brazil, making both places prime destinations for paleontologists. 

Why go on one of our Argentina tours?

Argentina is a beautiful diverse country that offers limitless options for exploration - from trekking in the Patagonian Andes to a visitation in one of its ancient archaeological sites and to sipping coffee in the chic city of Buenos Aires. You can even explore extreme landscapes from the comfort of small luxurious hotels and welcoming estancias, fulfilling your hunger for wilderness with a taste of fine food and wine. Aside from this, Argentina is a country that never shies away from celebration. Buenos Aires, in particular, is a host to festivals that run throughout the year for events including the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Film (BAFICI), Fashion Buenos Aires, which celebrates fashion in a week-long event twice a year, and Fiesta Nacional de los Estudiantes (National Student Festival), an event held by students often featuring elaborate parades and floats. Put simply, there is something for everyone in an Argentina tour.

Its dramatic landscapes are even mirrored by its people. Argentines are amazingly friendly and welcoming to travellers from various backgrounds. Argentines are always smiling, helpful, noticeably sophisticated, and enjoyable to talk to. Invite them to a dance of Tango, or simply watch veteran Argentine dancers in a jaw-dropping performance. Whatever it is that initially intrigues you about Argentina, there will be many, many more reasons that will make you want to stay. To any visitor who spends some time in this magical land, it easily becomes obvious that going on an Argentina tour is one of the best decisions one can make.  

When is the best time to travel?

Due to Argentina’s vastness, weather conditions and temperatures tend to vary greatly depending on your Argentina tour destination. Buenos Aires is a year round destination with mild winters (May to September), hot summers (November to March) and warm spring and fall months. Iguazu falls can be visited year round although the summer months can be particularly hot and humid. The mountainous Lake District is, on the other hand, cool all throughout the year. So the best time for travel is from November through March. Central Argentina offers a continental climate and can be visited all year round. Winter often presents cool mornings and evenings with fairly mild afternoons. While Northwest Argentina is best visited during the winter months of April to September when the climate remains predominantly dry and pleasantly warm. 

So what are you waiting for? Getting there is now easier than ever with our cheap flights to Argentina.  Immerse yourself in the culture and energy of this vibrant country and call us toll free at 800-665-4981. Our experienced travel agents can tell you more about Argentina tours and help you plan this trip of a lifetime!