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About Connecticut Tours

The Connecticut River gives the state its name. Derived from the Mohegan Indian mouthful quinnehtukqut, which means ‘place of the long river.’

Connecticut’s motto is: Qui Transtulit Sustiet which means “He Who Transplanted Still Sustains.”

Connecticut is home to the oldest U.S. newspaper still being published known as The Hartford Courant, initially established in 1764. 

Connecticut is also home to the first hamburger (1895), Polaroid camera (1934), helicopter (1939). And colour television (1948). 

Connecticut was the first to pass an automobile law, setting the speed limit to 20 Km per hour.

Why go on a Connecticut Tour?

Nestled in-between the overcrowded but sexy streets of New York, Rhode Islands, and Massachusetts, a Connecticut tour is an attractive options for visitors seeking some peace and quiet. Spend a few days exploring the interesting shops and restaurants in Mystic, Connecticut. You’ll find the original Mystic Pizza here – which gave inspiration to the movie starring Julia Roberts. Perhaps visit the Rocky Neck State Park, a beautiful beach on the Long Island Sound, and enjoy tons of hiking trails and picnic areas perfect for traveling families. You can also venture down to  New Haven to visit the Ivy League school, Yale University where you can take a guided tour of the campus or explore on your own accord. There is something for everyone in a Connecticut tour!

When is the best time to go?

Connecticut is a year-round destination. Generally, the weather in Connecticut is changeable with moderate precipitation all over the year, brief heat waves during the summer, and cool weather in the winter and early spring.  Humidity and high temperatures mostly affect the area in July and August. To guarantee unspoiled condition, we suggest checking the weather at a much closer date.  

Why not take a quick tour and discover for yourself what Connecticut has to offer? You can also speak with one of our friendly travel agents to learn more about discounted flights to Connecticut and Connecticut tours!