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Tours in Finland starting from $2,744

Prices are per person “land only” (excluding air) based on double occupancy.

About Finland Tours

Finland is the sole country in the world which broadcasts news in Latin

In 2010, Finland created a holiday known as the International Day for Failure to be celebrated every 13th of October 

In Finland, police officers issue traffic tickets based on people’s net income

Finland has the same amount of teachers as New York, but with far fewer students. They have 600,000 students while NYC has about 1.1 million 

Teachers in Finland are selected from a pool of the top 10% of graduates 

Finland has been at the top of the worldwide Press Freedom Ranking list since the publication of the first index in 2002 by Reporters Without Borders

Santa Claus officially resides in a house built right on top of the Article circle, and every year, around 700,000 letters are addressed to it from children around the world. 

Why go on a Finland Tour?

There’s something pure and exciting in the Finnish air that’s incredibly captivating. Perhaps it’s because of the fun and warm energy of the Finnish people. It could also be the impressive state of its economy and social structure, or the city’s beautiful landscapes and relaxed atmosphere. Whatever it is that initially intrigues you about Finland, we guarantee that you’ll stumble across even more reasons to love this enchanted place!

Visit the trendsetting capital of Helsinki and watch the streets pulsate with vibrancy.  Half the city seems to be surrounded with water, so take some time to immerse yourself in its scenic coastline. Venture into the north and eastern part of the country, and be at peace with nature as you take in the beauty of Lemmenjoki National Park and Oulanka National Park. Catch the aurora borealis after a wood-fired sauna, and see why it’s such a charming place during winter. Be inspired as you wander the homeland of legendary composer Jean Sibelius. Get to know each part of Finland, and we’re sure you’ll come home wanting to relive every moment of your Finland tour.

When is the best time to go?

When to go on a Finland tour is a common question among first-time travelers there. Generally, the best time to go is from May through September when weather is at its mildest. May to June are especially pleasant for traveling since July marks the end of Finnish Summer holidays and equals to higher prices and advance reservations. August and September, on the other hand, tend to receive the most rainfalls and may dampen your travel mood.  

If you’re a winter enthusiast, when to go on a Finland tour depends on the type of activities you want to do. If you are interested in seeing the Northern Lights, plan your travel for December. If you want some winter sports fun, travel between the months of January and March, and embrace the increase in daylight hours.  

Get off the beaten track of traditional Europe tourist attraction, and go on a Finland tour for a more exciting European experience!  To learn more about Finland Tours, speak with our experienced travel agents at tripcentral.ca.