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Tours in Romania starting from $2,483

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About Romania Tours

The second largest underground glacier in Europe, the Scarisoara glacier, is located under the Bihor Mountains in Romania.

The inventions of horse tram and electric street lights were introduced in Timisoara in 1869 and 1889 respectively.

The first ever perfect score of 10 in gymnastics was given to Romanian gymnast, Nadia Comaneci.

The Romanian Palace of Parliament in Bucharest is the second largest administrative centre in the world, after the Pentagon in the United States.

The character of Dracula was inspired by the ruthless Romanian General Vlad Tepes who was known for impaling people as a form of punishment.

Why go on a Romania tour?

Be prepared to bring home a wealth of exciting and enriching experiences during your Romania tour! Offering a variety of scenic routes, breathtaking landscapes, and unique excursions, there is something for everyone in Romania. You may have your first stop at Bran Castle, assumed to be the home of Romanian Vampires. Immerse yourself in the history of this 600-something year old landmark, and let your imagination wander as you kindle dreams of myths and reality. Afterward, you may spend some time in the bustling city of Bucharest. While you’re here, you will be welcomed by a very interesting mix of old meets new architecture. Finding a 300-year-old structure next to a very modern, futuristic building is a common sight in the area. Bucharest is also home to the impressive Parliament building, so take this chance to explore its corners. Depending on which Romania tour option you select, you may be able to visit the most important commercial centre in Romania, Constanta. Situated at the crossroads of several routes, this city lies on the western coast of the Black Sea and 185 miles from the Bosphorous Strait. Just like all other parts of the country, Constanta offers countless Roman vestiges, historic buildings, and mosques. With so much to look forward to, we invite you to begin planning by speaking with our friendly tripcentral.ca travel agents who’s actually been there!

When is the best time to go?

Temperatures in Romania can vary greatly, depending on when and where you go. Generally, the average annual temperature in the south hovers around 11C, in the north it stays in the 7C point, while it’s around 2C in the mountains. Summer is an obvious time to visit for spending time downtown by the coast and outdoor fun. Winters can be harsh but are ideal for skiing and winter sport enthusiasts.

Also know that Romania is home to a number of religious and cultural festivals. The Fundata Fair, a traditional folklore fair once held for shepherds to meet their wives is held in June. September offers the International Chamber Music Festival concerts in Brasov and Bran, while December features the De la Colind la Stea Christmas Festival in Brasov.

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