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Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises allow you to see more of the world, on a true first-class cruise ship. With Viking, you’ll cruise intimate, inclusive itineraries to help you soak in the destination and learn about each culture, people group, food, and the customs. You won’t experience a short stop to tease a destination - you really get to know everywhere you visit with Viking Ocean Cruises.

Viking Ocean Cruise ships only carry 930 passengers and are designed as upscale hotels, making your cruising experience an elegant, inclusive one. The ships are considered “small ships” and are all-new, all-veranda ocean ships. You won’t miss out on that picture perfect view when you wake up!

Viking Ocean Cruises reach smaller ports that larger ships can’t access, so you’ll get the best experience, and front-row seating to every view and experience. Viking is experiencing the world differently. What will you experience?