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Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options

Book with Deposit.  Pay Final Later.

Why part with your money so far in advance if you don’t need to?  Most early bookings for packages, cruises, and tours only require a deposit in advance.  There will be a final payment deadline in the future.

You can even put your payments on auto-withdrawl and setup installments through your online banking to make payments towards the balance if you like.  Or you can just pay it on your debit card or in one lump sum by online banking in advance of the deadline.

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Travel Now. Pay Later.

  • 12 monthly payments
  • Quick and easy application
  • Stretch your vacation budget by paying monthly
  • Affordable payments

12 Monthly Payments     

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Paying through Online Banking

We’re setup with all the major banks and credit unions so you can pay us like you do “bill payments”.  Our agents can send you instructions on how to do that.   You can elect to pay your balance in installments before the final payment deadline – you control the amounts and dates the money comes out of your account.  We receive it the next business day or two after you send it, and will apply it to your outstanding balance.  This is another option not to be confused with our “12 monthly financing” program through our partner Uplift.


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Pay in Cash

If you prefer to pay in cash, or a draft or certified cheque, you can do so in any of our office locations, or by depositing cash or certified cheque into our account at any TD branch across Canada.

Pay in USD

Some cruise lines transact in US Dollars.  We can either convert the amount at the daily rate + 0.5%, or you can deposit a draft in US funds at TD or any of our offices to avoid exchange rates.

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