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Norwegian cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines has a long history of providing a quality cruise experience, and the diverse nature of its fleet continues to offer a world of itineraries to choose from. The ships vary from the Norway, for many years, the largest ship afloat, with its traditional transatlantic style. The Norway went into service in the early 1960s as the SS France, and has undergone numerous refurbishments since then. The Norwegian Wind and Dream were leading edge at their inaugurals in the early 1990s, as sleeker mid sized ships designed to feel spacious and open. These two originals have been cut apart, stretched, and refurbished since then, but still are smaller to most cruise ships in the market today. The newest additions, are the Norwegian Sky and its sister ships the Star and Sun, are more comparable to the sleek and ultra modern megaliners of today. And the Norwegian Majesty and Sea are ships more consistent with the class of the Dream and Wind, late eighties to early nineties in design. The makeup of the fleet and stiff competition from its rivals, have forced Norwegian Cruise Lines to be innovative. You'll find interesting exotic itineraries that more effectively suit the smaller ships in Norwegian's fleet, unique land add-ons to their exotic itineraries. They were the first to introduce "Free Style Cruising"; a concept designed to allow guests the choice of when and where they eat, scrapping the traditional two seating dining experience. Other interesting twists, such as their music and sports theme cruises, sports bars, chocoholic buffets, and golf programs, - all designed to attract a market that may not have previously considered cruising. Norwegian offers good all around value-for-money, especially on those sailings offered on their older ships.