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Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean, as its name suggests, has always had the Caribbean market as the cornerstone of its business. One can best define Royal Caribbean, as the original truly mass appeal cruise line, not strongly catering to one market segment or another. The result was a line that was not overly casual, nor overly formal - a description that still fits today. It will comfortably accept children of all ages, honeymooners, Baby Boomers, and seniors; in fact, Royal Caribbean is an excellent choice when travelling with a diverse group of ages, as it offers something for everyone. Originally, the ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet had relatively small cabins, with more emphasis placed on the public rooms. The older ships in the fleet (Nordic Empress, Monarch of the Seas, Sovereign of the Seas, Majesty of the Seas) retain these smallish but comfortable cabins of approximately 125 square feet. Not to lose its competitive position, the Vision Class ships or the 1990s (Vision, Legend, Rhapsody, Grandeur, Splendour, Enchantment) incorporated many of the newer touches including larger cabins. At the turn of the millennium, Royal Caribbean unleashed the newest class of mega ships, completely changing the face of cruising. Voyager of the Seas, Adventure, and Explorer are over 130,000 tons, featuring an onboard skating rink, rock climbing, and a shopping promenade second to none. It's clear that cruising still had to win over people who had the objection of possibly being bored on a cruise. This is no longer an excuse! Royal Caribbean ships have contemporary décor, with perhaps a slightly more nautical look than some mass-market competitors. The Viking Crown Lounge has been the hallmark of the Royal Caribbean ship, giving guests a stunning view outside from high above. A high repeat clientele factor has allowed Royal Caribbean to grow beyond its roots, to a worldwide selection of itineraries designed for those who want the familiar comfort of the Royal Caribbean brand.