12 Reasons to Take Contiki Holidays’ Simply Italy Tour

12 Reasons to Take Contiki Holidays’ Simply Italy Tour

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

I had the pleasure of experiencing Contiki Holidays’ Simply Italy tour this summer. The 12-day whirlwind started and ended in Rome with many highlights in between. Almost 800 photos later, I have memories to last a lifetime. Here are 12 photos of some of my favourite things about Italy:

 1. Colourful buildings are everywhere

Cinque Terre

2.  Venice is picture-perfect

Venice Canal

3. The food is delicious


4. You’ll visit the island of Capri

Capri boats

5. You’ll taste wine at a Tuscan vineyard

Tuscan Vineyard

6.  You’ll tour Vatican City

Sistine Chapel

7. The architecture will amaze you

Bridge in Rome

8. The City of Love will inspire you

Love Locks

9.  You’ll visit the Colosseum 


10. You can browse markets for treasures

Pompeii Market

11. Breakfast consists of cappucinos and cannolis

Cappucino and Cannoli

12. Each view is better than the last

View in Capri

To plan your own Italy tour, contact our travel agents at 1-800-665-4981.
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