G Adventures partners with National Geographic to launch new adventure travel trips

G Adventures partners with National Geographic to launch new adventure travel trips

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A new journey awaits with G-Adventures

G Adventures celebrated its 25th anniversary Tuesday night with a birthday bash in Toronto. The company, known for its small group adventure travel and social responsibility, brought the world to Toronto through food, music, dance and special guests from the United States and Peru.

Ignite the Night event by G Adventures g-adventures-national-geographic

Ignite the Night event, a fundraiser for the Planeterra Foundation, held by G Adventures. Photo courtesy of G Adventures

G Adventures prides itself on small group travel meaning you’ll never feel like you can’t hear the tour guide, or can’t truly enjoy exploring a new land, but adventure travel is at the heart of what G stands for. With a G Adventures tour, get to know the world through local tour guides that live in-destination, by visiting villages and meeting locals (maybe even eating with locals!), and adventure trips off the beaten path for new discoveries. G Adventures, formerly known as Gap Adventures, will not only change your life with seeing the world, but changes the lives of others in the villages the tours visit and through Planeterra Foundation projects, including Nepal Earthquake relief in the spring of 2015.

With 25 years’ under G Adventures brand, CEO and founder Bruce Poon Tip kicked off the event, Ignite the Night, with a slew of announcements and exciting news. There are tours in over 20 countries in Africa, G Adventures offers safari trips, beach adventures, camping trips, and tours in five of the eight adventure travel styles offered by G, ranging from the classic experience with must-sees to the active level for travellers on the move and the yolo style for those who truly want to get down and dirty and experience a country. Poon Tip announced G’s latest baby, the Lando, at the Ignite the Night event.

The Lando: Adventure in Africa

The Lando is G Adventures’ custom-designed Overland Adventure Vehicle (OAV), offering some of the best views in the African plains and on safari. With a larger engine, the Lando is more fuel efficient than other OAVs exploring Africa. Featuring on-board WiFi, air conditioning, plugs at every seat, and no cabin separation between the driver and travellers, those looking to explore Africa will have the best of the best off the road (and on). These trucks are expected to be on the road in 2016.

G Adventures adventure travel also announced a whole new roster of trips, reaching some of the most magical corners of the earth: river cruising. Sail down famous rivers that were once used as major highways and explore Europe, South America and Asia like never before, seeing things from a different angle. With cruises on the Burgundy in France, Southeast Asia’s Mekong, South America’s Amazon, and India’s Ganges River, the G Adventures riverboat program is expected to launch in 2016. With small vessels, the riverboat program will remain small: expect to sail with only 24 other travellers. With unique experiences on land at each spot, you’ll experience the culture of each country, with visits to many of G Adventures’ social enterprise projects around the world.

See areas of Asia you’d never experience by foot or bus, and meet wildlife and people to change your life. Travelling with G Adventures on riverboats means you’ll still experience all that is G with their adventure travel tours, and fall in love with the magic of the waterways.

Coffee project in Australia by G Adventures g-adventures-national-geographic

G Adventures’ sustainable tourism coffee project in Australia. Photo courtesy of G Adventures

Adventure Travel + Sustainability

What we love most about G Adventures is their social enterprise projects: feel good about your travel knowing that your dollars are making a difference in the lives of others. Help support the communities you visit through visiting social enterprise projects which aim to empower women, get children off the street, and enrich the lives of locals, while knowing the projects are funded long-term through your travel.

In the last 25 years of G Adventures, the company has managed to fund 50 projects under their social responsibility guidelines, ranging from Peruvian villages to disaster relief and community homestays in South America. The Planeterra Foundation, G Adventures’ non-profit organization, aims to make the world a better place through sustainable tourism initiatives and being mindful of travel destinations.

G Adventures has announced that in the next 5 years, they will establish 50 new community development projects through their “50 in 5” campaign, raising an approximate $5-million. The Ignite the Night event was the launch of their fundraising efforts.

Bruce Poon Tip announcing partnership with National Geographic Travel g-adventures-national-geographic

Bruce Poon Tip announcing partnership with National Geographic Travel. Photo courtesy of G Adventures

Bruce Poon Tip’s biggest announcement of the night, though, came with a big yellow rectangle: National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures. This new way of travel, launching December 15, 2015, will include a collection of 70 travel experiences to explore further into the countries and cultures you’re itching to see. Join an African safari with a researcher working on a National Geographic project to protect big cats, or settle for a homestay and meal with family or chef in Indonesia, and more. These National Geographic Journeys will reach 50 countries in 6 continents, and not only include the local, knowledgeable tour guides (Chief Experience Officers or CEOs) that you’ve come to expect from G Adventures, but more in-depth guides from National Geographic.

Together with National Geographic

National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures will be a new way to see the world, through the eyes of locals, and other travellers passionate about changing the world and meeting the world’s people. G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip said at the event that the values of the two companies line up with commitment to make the world a better place. The partnership with G Adventures also makes National Geographic trips more affordable and allows Nat Geo Travel to explore new places that the organization hasn’t had in their itineraries before.

To learn more about one of the best adventure travel companies, and for adventure travel ideas, browse the G Adventures travel packages to explore the world.

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