#AskAnAgent: How to Save Money

#AskAnAgent: How to Save Money

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Iris Sinilong

For Part 2 of our #AskAnAgent series, we asked our travel agents for their tips on how to save money while travelling. Read what they had to say:

If you are parking your car at the airport, consider a “Stopover” rate at a nearby airport hotel. This gives you hotel stay the night before you depart AND parking for the duration of your holidays. This can sometimes be the same or less than just parking your car at a lot, AND you start your vacation early.
– Diane Newick

Always check departure airports within a few hours’ drive of where you are actually departing from. The longer drive to the airport may end up saving you lots of money in the end!
– Danielle Clark

Don’t waste money on sunscreen at a resort, take your own!
– Candice Anger

When buying souvenirs, barter the price with vendors. And if it feels like it’s too much, then it probably is!
– Brittany Cotton

Orient yourself with the public transportation system before you arrive in destination.  You can save a lot of money by using it and it can often be faster than taxi cabs.
– Kate Bliss

Eat your main meal at lunchtime.  Especially in Europe, the “plat de jour” 3-course meal can be a good buy and much less expensive at midday than the evening.
– Kate Bliss

Start unplugging any electrical appliances you are not using regularly as they still take up energy even when they are switched off! Try it and you will save those loonies and toonies for a great vacation-it really can make a difference!
– Stacy Cormier

In Cuba, don’t exchange all your money at once as you cannot convert it back to CAD and it’s useless back home.
– Nicole Deforest

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