3 travel vloggers you need to follow

3 travel vloggers you need to follow

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Laura Cooper

Written by guest contributor Aimee Lennie

We’ve all wanted to drop everything at one point in our lives to travel the world. These three YouTube accounts and travel vloggers can save you time, money, and bad experiences with their stories on how they’ve travelled the world and gotten the most out of it. Day dreaming awaits:


Comedy, wanderlust, and inspiration are a few of many words to describe travel video vlogger, blogger, and YouTube comedian Nadine Sykora. She has traveled over 45 countries in the last five years and has recorded it all to share her experiences through social media. Her travels have seen her in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, Caribbean, and Oceania. Her stories come from interesting and fun things she has done while travelling. Nadine is also known for her volunteer trips and how she gives back to the communities she visits on her travels.

Watch for: Tips on packing and prepping for vacation, how to plan a trip, volunteer tourism


Louis Cole is a travel vlogger who loves travelling with friends no matter the destination. He loves making videos, having fun, and inspiring others. In 2016, he is dedicating the year to travelling and has started livetheadventure.club where everyone can share their adventures all together. He has traveled around the globe, including South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Canada and the US, the Caribbean, Ivory Coast, Canary Islands, and several spots in Europe and Asia.

Some of his fellow YouTube friends even call him the “Godfather of daily vlogging” because he has been doing this for over four years professionally. He has gained so much insight of the world. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 801,000 on Twitter, Louis is the go-to guy to understand how to ‘Peace out, enjoy life and live the adventure.’

Watch for: Adventure videos, first-person destination guides


Wandering from place to place without any settled home – a vagabond. This accurately describes Matthew Karsten’s last five years. He is a full-time travel vlogger and photographer who has been exploring the world to inspire and motivate people to live a life of adventure. Matt has become an “Expert Vegabond” throughout his travels from the Americas, to Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East.

His website offers something unique that will be hard to find from any other travel vlogger – a resources page. He offers links to travel gear and packing, saving money, travel tips and tricks, travel blogging, travel budgets, travel inspiration, cheap accommodations, volunteering, working, and health and insurance. The beginner traveller can find anything they need through Matt for a well-prepared trip, and the experienced traveller can maybe find some neat tips and tricks for places they haven’t traveled to yet.

Watch for: Guides of destinations and activities around the world

Who are your favourite travel vloggers and travel blogs?

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