Playa Costa Verde, Cuba All-inclusive Customer Review

Playa Costa Verde, Cuba All-inclusive Customer Review

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Iris Sinilong

Playa Costa Verde is a Cuba all-inclusive resort that rests on the beautiful, white-sand beaches of Holquin. It features a free-form swimming pool, wedding gazebo, lots of water sports, and even a piano bar!

Here’s what Lee, from Ottawa, had to say about her recent Cuba all-inclusive vacation:

Hi, April,

Your advice was great: I think the number of people who return (note those pink bracelets!) is a valid indication of how popular the reort it. We spoke to people who had been back 12 -15 times! The staff are extrememly friendly and kept asking if we will come back.

For Cuba, the food was quite good. We had no trouble finding variety…something different each day. I had lamb, pork chops, fresh grilled fish more than once, custom made pasta and pizza, lots of shrimp. We started every dinner with an antipasto plate: the parmesan cheese and prosciutto made this easy. There were even decent salads, although this is still a weak area.

Breakfast was always a treat – several omelette stations, lots of fresh fruit, although they did run out of fresh juice and boxed juice is just not the same. The 24 hour snack bar has great sandwiches and fish and chips. You know it is good when someone from Halifax is eating it!

The afternoon ice cream bar was very popular. Something many people might not comment on is the evening piano bar between 7-9 in the lobby. Excellent entertainers who would play special requests. We happen to enjoy casual dancing so took advantage, although few others seemed so inclined. A drink before dinner with lovely music in the background and an occasional dance made my evening! We even tried the cigar bar which was not so smokey (we are not smokers) and was less busy than other bars so you could get quick service: we liked a brandy and espresso after dinner.

Our room was fine. I has requested a second floor room but we were given a first floor location (5000 block) and told we could change the next day. We did not follow up as the room was fine: quiet and very few bugs (it is the tropics!). As far as we could see, all rooms are relatively close to everything. The resort is not that large.

The pool was lovely: we visited it in the late afternoon. The beach was excellent for walking and swimming, which I do a lot of. Lots of shade if you want it and also easy access to beach recliners. The snorkeling was OK but quite modest.

Another positive for those who like to walk is the extensive paved sidewalk that extends along the beach including behind the other two hotels along this beach. It is also easy to walk around the hotel along the roadway. I recommend the one day excursion on the catamaran to the reef and dolphin tour. The reef was OK but nothing outstanding.

Swimming with the dolphins was excellent: you actually get to spend substantial time with them in the water and getting kissed on the cheek not once but twice is amazing! Great photos!

On the less positive side, the lack of toilet facilities close to the beach is an issue for some people. Also the pillows in the room were terrible. Finally, we were a bit ticked off that we had a side detour to Cancun on our trip out. It was not on the original itinerary and added several hours to our trip. The worst part of it was that when we landed in Cancun to pick up people on their way back to Ottawa, and also had to “load up” the plane with

food, etc., we not only had to leave the plane with all of our hand luggage, but we had to go through customs in Cancun to turn around and get back on the plane. Made no sense!!

On the other hand, coming back, the pilot decided that we were all at the airport so we left one hour early. I have not had that happen before!! Hurray Air Transaat!

Overall, Playa Costa Verde was a good choice for a Cuba all-inclusive vacation. It certainly was good value for the cost.

~Lee (Ottawa, ON)

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