How To Memorialize Your Trip

How To Memorialize Your Trip

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

Make your travel memories last with these creative ideas. Have some fun making keepsakes that will bring you back to your travels any time you’re feeling nostalgic.

Send postcards to yourself to greet you when you arrive home. You’ll recall vivid details when you read your own handwriting.


Collect souvenirs from each place you visit, whether it be books, mugs, jewellery, or something else that interests you. Local, handmade treasures are always a special something to purchase. You’ll be supporting the locals and it will serve as an authentic reminder of your journey and the people you met along the way.

Souvenir Shot Glass

Get crafty. Fill jars with sand or create memory boxes filled with other items like tickets and photos. Remember to take lots of photos- of new friends, locals, landmarks- and create collages, picture frames, or online galleries.

Souvenir Sand in a Jar

Don’t forget to keep bus tickets, concert tickets, coins, maps, restaurant bills, or any other reminders of your trip. Add these to a scrapbook or creatively place them in a picture frame. You can also keep a journal or blog to document your experience each day while you’re there.


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