Rides, Slides and Splashes: Sounds like the Perfect Holiday for Canadians

Rides, Slides and Splashes: Sounds like the Perfect Holiday for Canadians

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

According to a travel survey conducted by tripcentral.ca and Ipsos Reid, Canadians selected theme parks as their favourite style of vacation after all-inclusive.

Theme parks are especially popular among young families. Much to the welcome ears of elementary school kids, over a third of parents said they would take their young kids out of school for a week in order to take in a vacation at a theme park.

“Parents want family vacations that everyone will enjoy,” says Richard Vanderlubbe, who said theme park holidays go beyond what we think of as a typical or traditional day at the park. “Where families might have booked a stay at one theme park in the past, parents are now exploring other options and doing a whole week of travelling to various parks. For younger families, parks like LEGOLAND Florida and SeaWorld Orlando remain the favourites. They really connect with the young and young-at-heart.”

For parents wondering what interests their kids while on a trip to a theme park, the survey offers some insight:

  • ž   Almost three quarters of those ages 13 to 15 chose waterslides as their favourite thrill, with hair-raising rollercoaster rides and athletic-testing activities like rock wall climbing, coming a close second and third choice
  • ž   In contrast, those ages 16 to 19 put rides strongly in first place

These results don’t surprise tripcentral.ca President Richard Vanderlubbe. “It makes perfect sense. For families that have kids in both age ranges, and even younger kids, they want to find a park that suits everyone.” Parks, Richard says, have begun to appeal to a larger set of demographics. “Aquatica Orlando is a good example. They have amazing waterslides and water rides, which attract teenage kids and parents, but also have lagoons and a huge white-sand beach that makes it ideal for younger families. Everyone can go to the park, but enjoy different things.”

It seems, too, according to the poll, that parents don’t get the eye rolling or moaning and groaning that may have been associated with family vacations generations ago. Sixty-three percent of 16-19 year olds and fifty-four percent of 13-15 year olds love travelling with their parents. Perhaps these types of exciting theme park vacations have something to do with that!

Additional results from the tripcentral.ca and Ipsos Reid survey can be found at: http://www.tripcentral.ca/promos/Modern-Family-Travel-Survey-Results-Part-4.html

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