Spotlight on Sue Snider: Athlete and Travel Expert

Spotlight on Sue Snider: Athlete and Travel Expert

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Today we’re featuring our travel expert Sue Snider (ext 7323) in our Orangeville office! Find out how Sue is active in her community, her favourite places, and what she has in her carry-on bag!

Aside from being a successful travel agent, Sue is a coach and athletic therapist who recognizes the connection between sport and healthy development. She is the founder of Top Form Athletics, the first value-based track club in the world created in response to the doping crisis in sport. Sue received training and certification from the Canadian Red Cross in abuse and harassment prevention, enabling her commitment to children and fellow coaches, and to promote a healthy sport environment for all participants.

A former competitive swimmer, Sue moved into the national coaching ranks of track and field and also coaches ice hockey. Sue is also a member of F.A.M.E. (Female Athletes Motivating Excellence) and also received recognition for the development of an education program, aimed at students and athletes on values in sport, from Toronto Life-Fashion Magazine.

Sue joined Safe Communities of the Hill Country as the Injury Prevention Coordinator in February of 2001. June 2004 saw Sue at the World Health Organization Conference on Injury Prevention presenting a new program developed in Dufferin County to make neighbourhoods and families safer. In 2008, Sue once again presented at the International Safe Communities Conference in Auckland New Zealand and over 20 countries have adopted the safety program.

In November 2003, Sue was elected as a Municipal Councilor in the Township of Mulmur and in 2006 was elected as the Deputy Mayor.

Safe Communities of the Hill Country won the prestigious Program Excellence Achievement Award from Child Find, Ontario for 2004. As well, Sue won the Volunteer of the Year for our area. Even though she is a paid employee, Child Find recognized the commitment and extra hours that Sue performs every day. She still serves on the Board of Child Find Ontario as well as the Board of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

Sue and Leslie Robertson recognized a need for women to meet and offer suggestions for achievement. From a lunch meeting the Dufferin Women in Business was created. The first luncheon had Barbara Gardiner from Meridian Credit Union as the guest speaker and had 24 guests. Sue and Leslie recognized that the luncheon had grown to the point that a larger organization was required to host. They turned the reins over to the GDACC 2 years after the first meeting. This organization continues to thrive and grow and is a vital part of the landscape of Dufferin County.

Sue is a Vacation Expert (part time) at and lives in Orangeville with her fur baby Juno.

Sue Snider

Q&A with Sue Snider

Why did you choose to get into the travel industry?

When you work in Child Safety, sometimes it can be a little stressful. I decided because travel is my passion, I could sell travel as a happy experience. I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to go all over the world. I became an agent in 2009.

With all of the work you do for the community, what is your go-to place to get away and unwind?

My favourite place is Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort in Puerto Plata. My friends have shares (lucky for me) and staying in the Villas is a delight. I have been twice and am going again this month for a short break. I also love Le Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun. What’s not to love? Great food, gorgeous rooms and fantastic spa! It’s the perfect getaway.

Le Blanc Resort

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

New Zealand. My first time there was for the Commonwealth Games in 1990 and I fell in love with the country and the people. I went back in 2008 to present at a World Health Organization Conference on Child Safety…same feelings.

Where is your favourite place your work (outside of has taken you?

The World Health Organization 2004 Safety Conference in Prague and Vienna, presenting on Child Safety and Fire Safety Initiatives we do in Canada. Those are two of my favourite cities in Europe. I went to both just 2 months ago to celebrate my 60th birthday!

What are some of the best destinations for athletes to visit in 2016?

For Skiing: How can you pass up the Canadian Rockies? But how can you pass up the magnificent views of Zermatt in Switzerland?

The Olympics being in Brazil in 2016 will be an interesting event for athletes. Extreme humidity combined with the air pollution will cause challenges for the distance event. The Russians may not be attending due to Doping Rules and will that change the games immensely. Also, Rio is looking to improve its water quality as pollution is a challenge.

For Canadian athletes, there is no place like being home to train beforehand. We have great weather, good food and to be close to your coach leading up to an international event is paramount to a GREAT result.

For someone accustomed to booking online, why do you recommend using a travel agent?

Why wouldn’t you? It doesn’t cost you any more and a travel agent can not only recommend resorts but steer you away from something that may not be appropriate for your vacation. Maybe a couple is looking for romance and a BIG all inclusive resort is probably not your best option. Conversely, a small resort may not be your best choice for a family with two active teenagers.

What can we find in your carry-on bag when you travel?

I always carry my bathing suit – I am a swimmer and can’t wait to get in the water. You’ll also find books, an iPad, sun screen and gummy bears – but they have to be fresh!

Contact Sue with any travel questions by email ( or phone (1-800-665-4981 ext 7323).


  1. Hey Susan. Thanks for all your help with booking our trip. Your experience and professionalism helped up decide on the resort. I’ll let you know how the trip went in a few weeks.

    • Thanks Steve my pleaure!! Enjoy and we will talk when you get back!

  2. Susan,
    Thank you for all your patience after hours in the booking of our first cruise. With that many cruises behind you, I felt confident in seeking your advice. I will advise when we return which will hopefully be the first of many future cruises!

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