Forget your swim-suit. Go au naturel on a Nakation® this summer!

Forget your swim-suit. Go au naturel on a Nakation® this summer!

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Whether you’re into the nudist lifestyle or simply want somewhere to skinny dip, there’s no better way to feel the cool breeze on your skin this summer than to go au naturel. We caught up with Ashley Beahan, public relations manager for the American Association of Nude Recreation to discuss the benefits of a Nakation®, “a stress-free au naturel vacation.”

The Naturist Society created Nude Recreation Week 37 years ago. This year it took place from July 7-13. What does this week entail?

Nude Recreation Week can be celebrated anywhere—at an AANR-affiliated club or resort, at nude beaches and public lands specifically designated for nude use, and even in your own backyard. Most AANR clubs offer open houses during Nude Recreation Week, usually the Saturday of the week. It is a great way to introduce newcomers to nudism/naturism. This year our clubs gave back to our veterans across North America through our Thanks for The Freedom initiative and offered discounts to veterans and active and non-active military personnel.

Why do people choose a nudist lifestyle?

There are almost as many reasons people choose the nudist lifestyle as there are nudists. Some choose it for a sense of community with like-minded individuals while others enjoy feeling as one with nature when nude. The majority agree nudism/naturism has a stress-free component that clothed vacations do not have. Many espouse the health benefits and others have found body acceptance and self-esteem that being nude in a community setting provides.

What are some of your favourite nudist resorts?

It would be too hard to choose as all resorts are unique. Some are upscale with all the modern amenities one would expect at a resort. Others are more back-to-nature with a rustic feel with hiking trails and other outdoor activities. Some emphasize sports such as volleyball and tennis. Others prepare gourmet five-course meals from local food. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

What about nude beaches in Canada?

Wreck Beach in British Columbia is a favorite with nudists in the U.S. and Canada alike. For more information go to

Do you have any advice for someone new to nude recreation on how to feel comfortable?

Most AANR clubs and resorts go out of their way to make new visitors comfortable. They can ease into the nudity gradually. Nudity is usually required in the pool and spa areas. It is always recommended to call a club or resort before visiting or check out their website to review their policies as all clubs are different.

For our First Timer Primer, visit

For nude beach etiquette, go to

Who do you typically see at a nudist club or resort?

Nudists come from all walks of life and our membership is very diverse. One of the best things about visiting a nudist resort or club is that there is no first impressions based on status due to employment or dress. You are getting to know the true person and you can’t tell a lawyer or doctor from a teacher or bus driver.

What are 5 reasons Nakations are the way to go this summer?

1. You can pack light. All you need is a towel, hat, sunscreen and maybe an e-reader and your iPod for a great, relaxing vacation.

2. The stress will melt away the longer you are at a resort or club or nude beach. When clothes come off, so do most of the mental cues that tie us to the work-a-day world, freeing the spirit and enhancing the senses.

3. You will meet some interesting people and make some great new friends.

4. Without clothes your body absorbs more vitamin D from the sun, whose health benefits range from enhancing calcium absorption, to better sleep and preventing the blues.

5. You will have the ability to bond more with your significant other as you try something new nude together.

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If you’re interested in visiting a clothing-optional resort, here are some you may want to research:

Temptation Resort and Spa, Mexico
Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica
Hidden Beach Au Naturel Club, Mexico
Hedonism ll, Jamaica
Desire Resort, Mexico
Couples Negril, Jamaica
Couples San Souci, Jamaica
Jewel Runaway Bay, Jamaica

For more information, call 1-800-665-4981 to speak with a travel agent.

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  1. Jewel Runaway Bay, Jamaica is not a optional clothing resort, it is an all-inclusive for all ages.

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