Winter Wonderland: Ice Hotels Around the World

Winter Wonderland: Ice Hotels Around the World

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Wondering what to include in your 2014 New Year’s Resolution? How does the idea of staying at an ice hotel sound? Read through our list to discover some of the coolest ice hotels around the world and prepare to embark on a magical experience unlike any other!

Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi’s 

Ice Hotel Church. Photo by bjaglin

Located about 17 kilometres from Kiruna, in Northern Sweden, the Ice Hotel was first initialized in 1989 by a team of creative enthusiasts searching to develop new experiences using local resources available. The long cold winters inspired business visionary and entrepreneur, Yngve Bergqvist to look around for new ideas and realized there was plenty of ice in Jukkasjarvi. Ever since, the motto “Dig where you stand” has been the basis behind the remarkable Ice Hotel. This year, the 65-room hotel features 14 suites each tricked out with different frozen carvings by world-renowned artists.

Minus5 Ice Bar

The Minus5 Ice Bar has two locations in Las Vegas (Mandalay Bay and the Monte Carlo) and one inside the Hilton in Midtown Manhattan. Here, you can try out your favourite cocktails in glasses made entirely out of ice, experience exciting LED light shows and dance to upbeat music set amidst a surreal environment.

Hotel de Glace, Quebec

Hotel de Glace in Quebec. Photo by Pierre-Arnaud

The Hotel de Glace is situated just 10 minutes from downtown Quebec City, and it’s been said that coming here will make you feel like you just stepped into a crystalline wonderland. This year the hotel explores the various myths and legends prevalent around the world. It will be open to the public from January 5 until March 23, 2014.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway

Re-opening in January 6, 2014 with a brand new layout, this ice hotel on the Alta River is known for providing adventurous expeditions like dogsledding and snow safaris. It features 30 guest rooms that are kept at a constant temperature of -4 to -6 C, and provides guests the opportunity to sleep in cozy sleeping bags made out of authentic reindeer fur.

Chillout, Dubai

The first of its kind in the Middle East. Chillout offers an ambiance that is opulent and modern, combining ice, glass, and steel architecture with blue, red, and purple lighting to give guests an arctic experience amid the desert heart. Enjoy designer parkas, shoes and gloves which are provided along with a mocktail when you enter the bar.

 Which one is your favourite? Tell us below!

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