Tips to help you find the best camera for your next trip!

Tips to help you find the best camera for your next trip!

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Iris Sinilong


The world is full of wonder. There is beauty in even the simplest of things. Sometimes you just need to dare yourself to pay attention, take a deep breath, and appreciate. Whether you are taking a relaxing stroll along the beaches of St. Lucia, embarking on a culturally-enriching tour through Paris, or touching base with your inner self in Bali, I invite you to take a moment to indulge in the beauty around you.

Commemorate your travel experiences through journaling, collecting memorabilias and of course, photography. Write about every experience. Hold on to every keepsake. And always be ready to capture unadulterated moments.

Before you set forth on another getaway, read through our list of useful tips to help you find the best camera for your next trip!


Size and weight. Size matters if you’re on the go, so pick a camera that is fairly compact.

Image quality. Don’t settle. There are plenty of good-sized cameras that offer high image quality and resolution. Take your time to assess every option available. Your camera should be able to produce a nice, sharp print even when the camera is set at the lowest ISO.

Low-light performance. It can sometimes be a struggle to take pictures with poor lighting. Does your camera offer a stabilizer? Does it come with fast lenses? Stabilizers are key for travelers who are constantly moving, while fast lenses ensure that moments are captured right when they happen. Test your options before buying.

Ease of Use. Is it easy to manoeuvre? Are the features easy to understand? You don’t want to be fidgeting as scenes pass you by.

Flexibility. Does it come with a good built-in lens? Are there add-ons available?


Canon EOS Rebel SL-1$779.99

Pros: World’s smallest and lightest DSLR. Offers good autofocus during Live View shooting and movie capture. JPEG images look clean up through ISO 800, which is typical for this class.

Cons: Weak battery life. Very similar features to the Canon T5i.

Fujifilm Z20fd, $149.99

Pros: Quick, quiet with fast lens. Classic camera feel and operation. Slim flat body, with protective slider cover. Barely any shutter lag. Ideal for street photography.

Cons: Image quality sometimes suffers in low lighting. Video quality not in HD.

Olympus TG2, $349.99

Pros: Compact waterproof camera. Easy to use for diving, snorkeling, and above-water adventures. Colours on default settings and automatic modes are vibrant.  Auxiliary lenses are lightweight.

Cons: Video sometimes makes a ticking noise after the 10-second mark.

Samsung NX210, $899.99

Pros: First interchangeable-lens compact camera. Built-in WiFi which allows you upload on the go. Takes excellent raw photos.

Cons: Autofocus is a bit slow, and JPEG processing could use some work.

GoPro Hero 3+ Black, $449.99

Pros: Best action camera in the market. Abundant resolution and frame rate perfect for novice and expert shooters. Impressive list of shooting features.

Cons: Battery life can be brief depending on the features used.

Do you have any tips you want to share? Leave us a comment below!

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