Ipsos Reid / tripcentral.ca Vacation Sex Survey Part 3

Ipsos Reid / tripcentral.ca Vacation Sex Survey Part 3

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53% of Canadian Women Think Sex on Vacation is Better Than at Home!

As you may know, we’ve been working on a 3-part series that steps a tad outside the typical boundaries of travel talk. We just announced the third and final release of the vacation sex survey results, polling 1,013 Canadian women about their sexual thoughts and habits while on vacation. Ipsos Reid conducted the survey for tripcentral.ca using a sophisticated online methodology.*

The complete survey results are available on the tripcentral.ca website along with a summary presentation with raw data counts, which provide more detailed information about provinces, relationship status and other breakdowns.

“Releasing our final survey results near Valentine’s Day seemed appropriate,” said tripcentral.ca President Richard Vanderlubbe. “In the dead of winter when sun vacations are on Canadians’ minds, it’s interesting to explore the motivations and needs for couples to get away, recharge and reconnect. And on this topic, no one really cares what men think,” continued Vanderlubbe. “So we asked a thousand Canadian women some probing questions.”

Here are some of the highlights from Part 3:

  • 53% of women polled said that sex was better on vacation than at home
  • 63% of younger women ages 18-34 agreed

When asked why…

  • 28% said “less stress”
  • 27% said “more relaxing”
  • 16% said “more time” and “being in a romantic setting”

What else did we learn?

  • 30% of women have planned vacation dates around a menstrual cycle
  • Younger respondents have more sex on vacation than at home (58%)
  • 29% of women said that sex on vacation is not better because there are so many other things to see and do

For all the juicy details, read parts 1-3 here:

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