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Cassandra Royle

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  • Cassandra's passion for travel bloomed at a young age complimenting her interest in culture and history. This passion has brought her to cultural goldmines across Europe and has earned her a Tourism & Travel Diploma from Mohawk College. She hopes her thirst for travel will soon bring her to Russia, Asia and the Middle East. "There is so much to do, see, hear, and taste in this world; and I think the main key to a better society is knowledge and understanding. The best way to obtain that is to explore the places most foreign to you." Aside from travel, Cassandra has a great interest in music and has travelled across North America to see some of her favourite artists like Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. She also spends her time learning about astronomy, astrophysics and anthropology and watching her favourite hockey team, the Montreal Canadiens. Cassandra's travel interests include cruising, historic Europe and Middle East, ancient ruins, and food and wine.

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