True or False?

Even on vacation, my partner is more interested in sports and TV than having sex with me.

FALSE: Only 8% of women surveyed said they're partner was more interested in TV than in having sex on vacation.

In fact, 40% said their partner was the one who wanted to have sex on vacation more than they did!

True or False?

My partner and I tend to have more sex while on vacation than at home.

TRUE: 58% of women 18-34 said they have more sex while on vacation than at home!

46% of women 45-60 also agreed that they have more sex on vacation than when they're at home.

True or False?

Women often have to drag their partner along on vacation.

FALSE: Only 16% of women surveyed said their partner had to be dragged away on vacation.

We already knew that women are primarily in charge of making the travel plans, but this question debunked the myth that men have to be hog-tied and gagged to go away for a nice relaxing vacation.

And now... the one you've been waiting so patiently for... the BIG question we all want to know...

True or False?

Women plan vacations around their menstrual cycles.

TRUE: Nearly one third (30%) of women polled admitted that they plan their vacation times around their menstrual cycles.

True or False?

Sex is BETTER on vacation!

TRUE: 63% of women ages 18-34 agree that sex while on vacation is better than sex at home, and 54% of women ages 35-44 also agree. Of the women who agree that sex is better on vacation, 63% of them are in a serious relationship. So there really is something to be said for getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday married life!

FALSE: 47% of women polled did not think sex on vacation is better than at home - which begs the question, "why?"

Well, several reasons, we learned! One of the most previlant issues takes us back to Part 2 of our series when we talked about what to do when sharing a room with family or friends. Here's a quick recap in case you missed it:

Younger women are far more likely to...

...have sex in the bathroom or shower while sharing a hotel room with others... perhaps that's not the romantic fantasies women hope for on vacation.

...wait for the opportunity when no one is in the room... a command performance with just a few minutes to spare may not be the ideal situation either.

...find somewhere else to have sex... which brings us full circle back to Part 1 of our series, Sex Outside the Hotel Room.

Detailed Survey Results

This is the final of three articles presenting the results of our research survey.