10 Useful Travel Sites You’ll Be Glad You Discovered

10 Useful Travel Sites You’ll Be Glad You Discovered

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

Never mind the question, what hotel should I stay in? Now we ask, who should I stay with?

The way people travel is changing – so we bring you 10 useful travel sites that will make you want to leave your comfort zone and get experimental. The online travel guides will inspire you to travel far and wide while others will convince you to stay and eat with locals and take tours from regular people who live and love their cities. For tips on where to go, what to do, and even what to eat, check out our favourites:

10 Useful Travel Sites



Triposo’s comprehensive travel guides cover everything from sightseeing and nightlife to shopping and eating out. They even suggest the best places for coffee and cycling as well as practicalities like groceries and laundry. It covers the basics of the native language, currency conversions, and provides a map of the metro. The best part? You can download a destination guide to your smartphone and work offline.



While there are only 22 destinations featured so far, Peek curates must-see activities and tours so you can plan your itinerary. You can even read the “Perfect Days” of celebrities such as Steve Aoki, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Wolfgang Puck who shared their favourite hidden gems, places to eat, and activities.



Skift travel magazine based in NYC offers daily coverage of the travel industry. They cover news, tech, start-ups, hotel and airline updates, and host weekly podcasts with executives and entrepreneurs in the industry.



Don’t worry about missing out on quality vacation time because of jet lag. Jet Lag Rooster can develop a plan for adjusting your sleep schedule based on light exposure and melatonin. It helps you get back to your desired sleep and wake up time in the new time zone, making it one of the most useful travel sites on this list.


TripSense_Home Exchange

Just like the movie The Holiday, there are people who dream of spending long periods in a new city and living like a local. The Home Exchange catalogue has 65,000 homes in 150 countries where hosts can make use of their homes while they’re away and guests can experience modern comforts and privacy.



If you want an authentic travel experience, book your accommodations on Homestay and stay with a local on a nightly, weekly, or monthly basis. The hosts live in their home during your stay, so they can introduce you to new people and show you the ropes of the area.



These in-depth tours are led by experts in their fields like professional chefs, historians, or art professors and are suited for the intellectual traveller. Group sizes don’t exceed six people and you can choose from a group, private, or family tour. This site is useful for arranging a walk in Europe, North and South America, and Asia.



Sandemands New Europe offers free tours in 18 cities in Europe, the Middle East and the US. Guides aren’t paid by the company – just by donations and tips – making it great for budget travellers and those who want a passionate city dweller to show them the best spots.



Foodspotting is a useful travel site for foodies planning their stops in advance or those on the go trying to satisfy their craving. Set your location and search for your desired dish to find restaurants close to you. See photos, read reviews, and get directions to your perfect meal.



One of the best parts of dining out is the conversations around the table. For a unique experience, book a meal with a local and be welcomed into their home for an authentic, ethnic meal. Servicing 150 cities across the world, you’ll find a mix of professional trained chefs and passionate home cooks opening their kitchens on Eat With. On the chef’s profile, see how many other travellers have dined with them, read reviews, and see the menu.

What are your favourite useful travel sites to inspire your wanderlust and get you planning your next vacation? Tell us below!

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