2014 Travel Trends

2014 Travel Trends

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

As we bid farewell to 2013, the New Year presents expanding bucket lists and new trends in the world of travel. While Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica still dominate in terms of popularity, 2014 will see other destinations hogging the spotlight. Here’s a quick round-up of 2014 travel trends to get you excited for the year ahead.


Adventure travel is rising as adrenaline junkies seek excitement climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or embarking on a family-friendly African safari while laid-back travellers are increasingly choosing the comfort of homes instead of hotel rooms, opting for luxury villas, vacation rentals, and bed and breakfasts. Most hotels and cruise lines are offering free Wi-Fi or at least discounting it (thankfully) and festival-themed travel is attracting those with specific interests. In terms of pricing, North American airfare is declining with the competition of smaller carriers while hotel rates and car rental prices rise. Aside from these 2014 travel trends, we’ve compiled five other predictions for the new year.

1. #TheConnectedTraveller

Travellers are documenting their experiences on social media, particularly on Instagram where online postcards showcase travels to friends. Itineraries are even being planned on Pinterest. Hotels are also using Instagram for promotional purposes, adding fine details to their rooms in hopes of being photographed and generating buzz. The world’s first Instagram-themed hotel in Sydney, Australia even gave away free stays to those with thousands of followers. For tips on how to take better travel photos, read my blog post.

2. Culinary Adventures

As people become obsessed with authentic food and fresh, locally sourced ingredients, they are taking gastronomic pilgrimages to visit local markets, participate in cooking classes, and voyage to farms and vineyards to experience regional cuisine. Try our escorted tour Flavors of Thailand or Bordeaux, Vineyards, and Chateaux which is also a river cruise!

3. European River Cruising

To accommodate the high demand of river cruisers, 25 new vessels are set to hit the waters this year. In intimate groups of less than 200 passengers, guests can cruise along the scenic Rhine, Danube, and Seine rivers, admiring landscapes and exploring many charming cities along the way. This is a great, relaxing way to experience the history and culture of Europe.

4. South America

With the World Cup this summer and the 2016 summer Olympics on its way, Brazil is no doubt attracting fans and tourists worldwide. But it isn’t the only South American hotspot. Peru, known for its Asian-fusion cuisine, Chile, known for its trendy boutique hotels, and Colombia, attracting nature-lovers, are enchanting destinations that offer something unique to be discovered.

5. Extended Vacations

Travellers are taking advantage of tours, cruises, and even flights by extending their stays in stopover cities. Layover times can become two or three nights long, save you money on flights, and give you the opportunity to explore a new city. Tours and cruises are being extended in their arrival or departure city to lengthen vacations. Sounds good to me.

What travel adventures are you looking forward to in 2014?

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