5 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Philippines

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Philippines

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Iris Sinilong

With its picture-perfect beaches, friendly locals, and awe-inspiring sceneries, a visit to the Philippines presents a promise of unforgettable memories. Whether you are considering traveling solo, with the family, or group of friends, you will surely find a piece of paradise in this Southeast Asian country. Having spent the majority of my childhood in this wonderful island, I know from experience that the Philippines has a way of pulling people in. It has a special charm that keeps travellers entranced and wanting more.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should visit the Philippines this year:

1. Breathtaking Beaches

There’s no better place to witness the sunset than over the Philippine waters. Consider booking a getaway to Boracay, a Visayan Island known for its world-famous beaches and wake up to the beautiful sight of tranquil waters. Still not sure where to go? Not to worry! With over 7,107 islands throughout the country, you are bound to find a beach resort suitable for you and the different travellers in your life.

Boracay Beach

Sunset at Boracay by John Valentine II


A stunning resort in Busuanga Island

2. Diverse Landscape and Wildlife

The Philippines boasts some of the most magical natural-made and man-made landmarks in the world! It is also home to nearly 200 mammal species – one of which is the smallest monkey in the world known as the Philippine Tarsier.

Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces are 2,000-year-old terraces that were carved into the mountains of Ifugao in the Philippines by ancestors of the indigenous people.

The Chocolate Hills are Bohol's most famous attraction. These unique landform was formed by the uplift of coral deposits and the action of rainwater erosion. There are 1,268 mounds scattered throughout the towns of Carmen, Sagbayan, and Batuan by Rachel Castanares.

Bohol’s most famous attraction, the Chocolate Hills were formed by the uplift of coral deposits and rainwater erosion. There are about 1,268 mounds scattered throughout the towns of Carmen, Sagbayan, and Batuan. Image by Rachel Castanares.

3. Unrivalled Hospitality

Filipinos are known for their hospitality. They are always smiling and love to entertain. They love to sing and dance whenever there is an occasion to celebrate. Karaoke machines are pretty much a staple for every Filipino household.

filipino hospitality

Filipinos in Cagayan de Oroby Gary Yim

4. Delicious and Fresh Food

Filipinos love their food and you should too! Blessed with an abundance of fresh seafood and mouth-watering fruits, the Philippines will offer you a gastronomic experience you will always cherish.

Delicious grilled squid with seafood and vegetables.

Delicious grilled squid with seafood and vegetables.

Famous Filipino barbeque via wikimedia

5. Colourful Transportation

Jeepneys are the most common form of public transportation throughout the many islands of the Philippines. An average jeepney can carry 16-20 passengers and is crafted with unique design, decorative ornaments, and flashy paintings.  It offers a great way to experience the essence of the Filipino culture.


Colorful jeepneys at the bus station of the city of Baguio by View Apart


Philippine Jeepney by Tiffany Bam Ilustrisimo

BONUS: Plenty of Shopping Opportunities

Give the shopaholic in you its chance to shine and get lost in one of the biggest malls in Southeast Asia known as SM City North Edsa. Browse through strings of boutiques, cafes and restaurants and even come across quality antiques and the best selection of genuine pearls in the country.

Discover why it’s more fun in the Philippines on your upcoming holiday! To get your dream vacation started, speak with a knowledgeable and friendly tripcentral.ca travel expert!

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  1. I love the Ube Jam from Good Shepherd and the beautiful view in Mines View Park in Baguio. I agree with all the reasons that you wrote. The Philippines is an amazing country.

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