Adventure Destinations for Your Bucket List

Adventure Destinations for Your Bucket List

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Iris Sinilong

We live in a magical world. We are surrounded by many remarkably beautiful places – with stories and secrets – just waiting to be explored. There is so much to be seen and discovered. Today, the team highlight some of the best adventure destinations perfect for your bucket list. We encourage you to set forth on an unforgettable adventure. Marvel at some of the world’s unchartered places. And experience the real beauty of traveling.

Snorkel the Ningaloo Coast in Australia

Ningaloo is home to the largest fringing reef in the world and regarded as one of the last great ocean paradises on Earth. Nothing compares to the exhilaration of swimming with some of the most diverse and unique marine species. From seeing the graceful manta rays and turtles, varieties of coral, and humpback whales, there is a lot to look forward to in a Ningaloo escapade.

Raft the Bruneau and Jarbidge Rivers in Idaho

The Bruneau River in Southern Idaho is one of the most spectacular river deserts in the United States. There’s no place in the other world quite like it. From mellow Class II whitewater, to raging class V, each section on the Bruneau has something that will sweep you off your feet. For a longer and more thrilling adventure, combine a Bruneau raft trip with the fast-moving whitewater of the Jarbidge River.

Hike Newfoundland

Find yourself in Newfoundland and experience the beauty of Eastern Canada on your next hiking adventure. The East Coast Trail offers a special blend of wilderness adventure, wildlife, outstanding natural beauty, and cultural history. Be prepared to hike past towering cliffs and headlands, sea stacks, deef fjords, and a natural wav-driven geyser called the Spout.

Ski in South Georgia Island

Looking for something more extreme? Ski trek across South Georgia Island and see for yourself why mountain skier, Chris Davenport marks this beauty as a dream trip. As Davenport mentioned on his interview with National Geographic: “The goal would be to try and re-create the amazing traverse of Sir Ernest Shackleton… This would be a monthlong trip to one of the world’s most beautiful and remote islands.”

Photo by Liam Quinn

Polar Sightings in Churchill

Get to know the polar bears by embarking on an adventure to Churchill, Manitoba. Immerse yourself in their environment and watch as polar bears emerge from their snow blankets. If there’s time, venture out on to the Churchill River and possibly catch a glimpse of the endangered Beluga whale.

Kayak through Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet

Regarded as the “Everest of Rivers,” kayaking through Yarlung Tsangpo will certainly be no easy feat. Amassing more than 5,300 metres from top to bottom and stretching more than 500 kilometres, the Yarlung Tsangpo gorge is defined by superlatives. It flows east through open valleys on the Tibetan Plateau, bends sharply at the eastern end of the Himalayas, and descends to the dramatic lowlands of the Ganges Delta.

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