Customer Review: Luxury Bahia Principe Sian Ka’an

Customer Review: Luxury Bahia Principe Sian Ka’an

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Iris Sinilong

Let me start by saying that the hotel was amazing! Not only was our room clean, it was spotless. In our penthouse suite was a Jacuzzi, a beautiful bistro table and chair set, and a view that was simply gorgeous. There was a lot of space and the air conditioning worked flawlessly when we needed it. The cleaners did an amazing job at keeping our room fully stocked and freshly cleaned every day, which made it easy to focus only on having fun!

Gran Bahia Principe Sian Kaan jacuzzi

Gran Bahia Principe Sian Kaan room

There were lots of delicious foods to choose from, and a lot of each as well, so no one missed out on anything. The staff was very attentive and courteous, so the customer service was another hit. They even offered us evening coffee with our meal. In other places we’ve had to go to the lobby bar to get it, so that was a nice added touch of comfort. The drinks were also delicious, and the bartenders didn’t use powder mixes for pina coladas or sangrias.

For entertainment during meals and drinks, there’s a great mariachi band that plays at the buffet and the snack bar as well. They are very talented, and they play all evening long. A la carte was another great experience when we went to the Brazilian Steak House on the Tulum resort. I’ve got a shellfish allergy, so I have to be careful when it comes to a la carte restaurants, but the steak house was fantastic. I highly recommend it.

Gran Bahia Principe Sian Kaan restaurant

There was an error made on our other restaurant booking, so this was the only one we ended up trying, but it more than made up for the error, since the staff were again very friendly, and we got to know them more throughout the week that we were there.

There were three small pools, and they were very relaxing. The water was a bit cool for me, but once I got in it was great. There were inner tubes to lay and relax on, which was really fun and peaceful in the warm sun.

Gran Bahia Principe Sian Kaan pool

The beach was phenomenal! The tram ride took five minutes, and there were a lot of chairs in the private section, and towels were right there to be used, so we didn’t have to carry them at all, which was convenient. There was also a bar in the private section. There were spots to snorkel with lots of fish in the water, and nobody bugged us on the beach, which made us feel safe. It was a great atmosphere. We went into the buffet on the Coba side, and it was just as good as the buffet by our hotel, with tons of selection.

There was an area to swim with the dolphins, and even be a trainer for the day without having to leave the resort. The prices were solid and people were allowed to take photos. For golf lovers there is a course with really good prices as well. You need to rent a cart there, which is about $60 per round. With numerous cenotes (sink holes) around, you had to be careful, but the people we asked had only great things to say about the course, and it was beautiful.

Gran Bahia Principe Sian Kaan dolphins

As far as our flight was concerned, we had a 2.5 hour delay which was a bit frustrating, but that can easily happen with air travel. The Cancun airport was really clean and we moved fast through it, which was nice.

We pre-booked our excursions, which was a bit frustrating as well, since you have to double-check them once you arrive, just to be sure they are official. We went to the Tulum ruins for an amazing half-day, and Xe-Hel for the other half, another great experience! We’ve never seen places like those before, and we will be sure to return on future trips.

Tip: bring an extra set of clothes — they have lockers with keys to secure your stuff. The towels are free as well.

There are several buffet-style restaurants nearby with fabulous selections of foods and drinks to enjoy, and we went swimming with fish, turtles, dolphins, sting rays and other creatures in the water, which was a once in a lifetime experience. There were plenty of water activities for all ages, whether it was jumping off 40-foot cliffs, hanging out on the lazy river, zip-lining, snorkeling, or whatever else catches your eye.

We highly recommend the Luxury Bahia Principe! You really can’t go wrong here, and the food, drinks and entertainment options were second to none!

~Anonymous client of Cathie Milner, vacation expert.
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