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We are an innovative retail travel agency with a strong online presence, that operates 26 stores in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. The innovation comes through the systematic approach to marketing and selling travel, through systems designed to increase productivity. There is a blend of sales leads being generated from the web (phone and electronic), a live webchat, local phone, and walk in. The business was started in 1989 by Richard Vanderlubbe (also currently serving on the TICO board of directors). The company is based in Hamilton where centralized accounting, documentation, ticketing, and IT systems support sales agents in our offices.

Full Time

Our store locations require full time agents willing to work a rotation of Saturday and Sunday nights depending upon the location. Our full time agents receive up to 20 paid days off per year subject to booking and time restrictions. Full time agents are paid twice monthly based on expected performance with an incentive to overachieve the associated revenue target.

Part Time

Many of our locations are open Saturdays and nights, which requires us to rotate agents to cover these hours. Part time agents working 2, 3, or 4 days a week, and selected nights, alternating weeks, assist us in covering the retail hours. Perhaps you were a full time agent before having children and wish to re-enter the workforce. Maybe you're experienced with clients but want to slow down a bit.

Experienced in travel? Request an interview!

Think you would be a perfect fit to join our team? For a private, confidential interview, email your resume to You can also download an employment application and email it or fax it to us in confidence. If you have travel industry experience, we would love to hear from you! Fill out this form and our recruitment manager will contact you.

Why would I want to work for

You will be working with state of the art productivity tools that allow you to work faster and smarter than our competitors. Sales leads will be sent to you from innovative marketing on our website and traditional media.  Our pricing strategy is good value for customers making closing easier. We can offer good pricing because we are more efficient in operations: no invoice checking, no ticket checking, no followup on documents - our admin staff support you so you can focus on customers.  We want agents who've been there - and we believe that good agents should be well paid. We offer an environment where those with drive and desire will be rewarded.

What happens when I send in an application?

There is no need to send us a resume and covering letter if you fill this form out. You can if you like, but we've designed the form to get the relevant information we need. You'll get a confirmation that we received your form, and if there is interest on our part, we will contact you for a telephone interview. Based on this interview, we would proceed to an in person meeting. Prior to hiring, you will have an opportunity to spend some time in one of our offices while the office is either open or closed, and even talk with our staff if you like.

What positions are open now, and what will be in the future?

We are always recruiting for good agents and if the conditions are right, we will hire. There are certain times of year that are better than others to start with us, depending on your experience level. The more experienced you are, and the better fit your background is with us, the more flexibility we have in start times.

What locations are you hiring for?

We have locations in Hamilton, Burlington, Guelph, Waterloo, Oakville, Etobicoke, Orangeville, Ottawa, Sudbury, Barrie, Stoney Creek, Dundas, Moncton, Dartmouth, Bedford, Wolfville and Greenwood. We are always looking for good agents that match our needs in any of our locations.

How and when will I be contacted?

We will only contact you by the methods you suggest, and we will never contact you at work unless you specifically indicate that it is okay.

Sales Oriented?

In the past, before travel information was public on websites, a successful travel agent was extremely service oriented and could efficiently command the GDS systems. Competition was based on service level, as the level of discounting and the ease of consumer comparison was less prevalent.

Today's successful travel agent must be more sales oriented. In the face of competitors, tripadvisor, and direct hotel websites, it's less about the content itself and transmission of information, as helping the customer select what is right for them. Web booking engines have taken the knowledge of GDS formats away as an impediment to a successful agent. It's now more about your communication ability, and your confidence in making recommendations and asking for the sale.

Travel Experience

Our system directs prospective clients to agents who've been to selected hotels, destinations, cruise lines, and itineraries. The more places you have been that are relevant to the Canadian leisure travel consumer, the more success you will have with us with new customers. In particular, the ITC package and mass market cruises are a heavy part of our business.

You Like to Travel? Because you like to travel yourself, you take interest in your prospect's travel plans. Being interested and engaged means that you stand out from the many order takers in the market. You understand that creating interest makes you stand out from your competitors.

You've got Hustle

Our environment gives you a stream of leads including walk in, telephone, web and other advertising. Add to this any past clientele you have and your ability to juggle priorities, multi-task, and move quickly will increase your earning capability. Our theory is, if you have to come to work for eight hours, you might as well work hard and earn as much as possible in that time. This makes your leisure time more rewarding.

You want to do the best you can

If you believe that selling travel is a credible and professional way to earn a good living, we want you. Desire to succeed is important, because we give you tools and marketing to action.

You’re a go-getter

If you believe that selling travel experiences is a credible and professional way to earn a good living, we want you. We’re looking for people who want to do the best they can, who are tenacious, and who have a desire to succeed. We will give you the tools you need to build your clientele and earn commission. The more time and effort you invest in building your client list, the more you will see your income increase. If you have a client base to bring to, you’ll be starting off on the right foot. If you’re new to travel, we understand that building and maintaining a repeat clientele takes time.

You are computer-savvy

Basic computer literacy is important to maximize the tools will give you to manage your time and close sales. Your ability to navigate Windows applications, conduct web searches for online research, and understand how to use our unique systems is imperative.

You're not afraid to try new things

More than anything, the travel business and the expectations of our customers are changing. has developed an innovative way of doing business that requires an open mind. Those who are willing to try new things, and work towards mastering new skills and methods are more successful.

You've been around the block

Our preference is to hire people with experience in retail travel, and enhance that experience.  It's important that you are familiar with the business enough to avoid pitfalls and areas of liability.  Knowing your obligations under TICO, understanding the ins and outs of Travel Insurance, understanding the basics of travel agency accounting, knowing the suppliers in the market, having attended product launches and training, and operating a GDS (we use SABRE) are essential building blocks to enhancing these skills with's tools and methods.  If you don't have travel agency experience, it is possible to overcome with strong first hand travel experience and a strong sales orientation, but it is more challenging.

Dream Job

For a private confidential interview email or you can also download an employment application and either email it or fax it to us in confidence.
If you have travel industry experience fill out this form and our recruitment manager will contact you!