It’s all about the beer: Oktoberfest 2013

It’s all about the beer: Oktoberfest 2013

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

If you enjoy beer, travelling, parties or Germany, you have a perfect reason to pack up and visit Oktoberfest in our books. The 180th Oktoberfest takes place in Munich from September 21 until October 6.  With plenty of food, drinks, and loads of fun, who wouldn’t want to take part in the beer-fueled extravaganza?  What started as a celebration of King Ludwing the first’s marriage to Princess Therese of Sanxony has grown extensively.  It featured horse races and of course, lots of beer.  While the horse races have diminished, the beer certainly has not. Last year, the festival had 6.4 million visitors who consumed a staggering 14.6 million pints of beer (6.9 million litres).

Aside from beer, you can expect to see customary Bavarian clothes being worn (Dirndl for ladies and Lederhosen for gentlemen), traditional music and dancing, rides and games, and 14 different beer tents.  Each of these tents have their own specialty and offer specific food, drinks, and entertainment to its guests- from fish tents to bakeries to wine tents. Aside from beer, you will find champagne and schnapps being served in the smaller tents and an array of delicacies.   Enjoy strudel, sausage, giant pretzels, roast chicken, and other German fare.

There are also family-friendly tents and lots of activities for children during the day.  At night, Oktoberfest turns into one vibrant party. The festival attracts people from all over the world wanting to discover Bavarian culture and be part of the celebration.  You’ll feel at home with the welcoming hospitality and join others wanting to return year after year.  This tradition has also spurred Oktoberfests in other parts of the world.

Want to be part of the fun? offers guided tours for people aged 18-35 ranging from four to seven days long.  You may choose camping, hostel, or hotel accommodations and stay with a guide. You may even discover other parts of Munich while you’re there.  Visit the market square for shopping and dining, the Old and New Town Halls, Olympic Park, Alter Hof medieval castle, and charming nearby towns and villages. And, if you haven’t had enough beer, stop by the 8000 seat beer garden, Hirschgarten.

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