What to Wear to a Summer Festival

What to Wear to a Summer Festival

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

All bookings have been made. You are seeing your favourite bands and performances in a few days. But the dilemma of finding the right outfit to wear is still rather evident. You have relentlessly scoured your closets, asked every close friend you have, and even sought for your mom’s advice – but you still can’t figure out as to what would be appropriate for your upcoming soiree. Let’s face it. What you wear is just as important for any occasion. It speaks volume about a person. It makes people notice you. Whether we realize it or not, it is one of the biggest defining factor in any social interaction. But… have no fear! The tripcentral.ca team compiled a quick guideline perfect for this year’s thrilling summer festivals.

Simple CasualFirst rule: find your comfort. Wear something you can move around with easily. You will be back and forth between various locations. So it is important to feel the best with whatever you are wearing. Also make sure to bring a pair of sunglasses and a handy satchel. Depending on when the concert is, having a pair of sunglasses could make the biggest difference. And a satchel is just great to have for keeping things safe and in order.

Female - Simple Casual

Second rule: keep things simple. We know you want to stand out, and make a nice and lasting impression on the people around you. Well, you can easily do that by wearing something chic and simple. Don’t be afraid to add a hint of colour! Simple does not have to equate with dull and boring.

Dressy Casual

Third rule: have fun. This means exactly the way it sounds. Enjoy this moment – embrace every second of it. Play around with colours. Mix up styles.  Wear something fun and exciting and have one fantastical time with the people you care about!

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