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Flights Recently Searched By Our Customers

  • From To Depart Return Price Airline
    Toronto Barbados Dec 29 Jan 05
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Toronto San Jose Jan 07 Jan 13
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Montreal Havana Jan 17 Jan 24
    American Airlines airline logo icon
    Toronto Liberia Jan 17 Jan 24
    Air Transat airline logo icon
    Toronto Grenada Dec 11 Dec 15
    American Airlines airline logo icon
    Toronto Mumbai (Bombay) Dec 20 Jan 03
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Toronto Phoenix Jan 09 Jan 16
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Halifax Orlando Jan 19 Jan 26
    WestJet airline logo icon
    Montreal Panama City Dec 22 Dec 29
    American Airlines airline logo icon
    Toronto Liberia Jan 16 Jan 24
    WestJet airline logo icon
  • From To Depart Return Price Airline
    Toronto Los Cabos Jan 02 Jan 09
    Swoop airline logo icon
    Toronto Manzanillo Jan 07 Apr 01
    Aeromexico airline logo icon
    Toronto Orlando Dec 22 Jan 02
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Vancouver Los Angeles Jan 07 Jan 14
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Edmonton Cancun Jan 02 Mar 06
    WestJet airline logo icon
    Regina Puerto Vallarta Jan 14 Jan 21
    WestJet airline logo icon
    Ottawa Cincinnati Dec 25 Jan 01
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Saskatoon Toronto Jan 19 Jan 28
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Panama City Montreal Jan 09 Feb 24
    Delta Air Lines airline logo icon
    Montreal Paris - de Gaulle Dec 09 Dec 12
    American Airlines airline logo icon

Fly Into One City, Out of Another

The most popular search – a great way to see more on your vacation. Whether you cruise, drive, tour, take a train or bus, or fly a one way, you can price out what the industry calls an “open jaw” flight. Just enter your return city as different from your destination and search away. It’s easy.

Stopover in a Connecting City

Sometimes you’ll see a great fare on an airline that connects in a city of interest. Sometimes, the stopover can be free or very little more than just passing through. Other times, the airline will price the itinerary completely differently. Just “Add Flight’ for your third journey. For example, Toronto to Reykjavik (Iceland – for fun), then Reykjavik to Paris, then “Add Flight” Paris Toronto.

More Flight Journeys

You can enter up to six journeys (five destinations) but the pricing will get increasingly less reliable. If you are looking for more than three destinations, it is still best to speak to our agents. Often a complex trip can be broken up or re-arranged differently. Here are some tips: Avoid back tracking – if you are going east, arrange your itinerary so you try and always fly east and not jump around. If you “back track”, it often gets more expensive. Same applies if you are going west – arrange your destinations from the first western destination to the furthest in order. Sprinkle in one ways – sometimes a multi stop trip is very expensive at first search. Our agents will break it apart into combinations of tickets that could save a bundle. There are also special circle and round the world fares that do not price automatically.

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